If the challenges in Survivor: Nicaragua are as physical as past seasons, we’re going to have another very one-sided season. Today CBS revealed that the twist for this season of Survivor is that the 20 castaways will be divided into two tribes based on age. One tribe will feature members over 40 while the other will be all kids younger than 30.

This idea might sound interesting at first, but I have little doubt that the young whippersnappers will wipe the floor with the old timers on a rather consistent basis. Sure, Survivor has had a few great older competitors (Tom Westman topping that list), but the physical endurance and adaptability to harsh conditions that Survivor requires are much better suited to young people.

This could be especially true if most of the old people are like former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson. He may be associated with football, but I doubt he’s in top physical condition and I suspect he’d lose quickly to anyone under 30 in a physical competition.

Jimmy Johnson on Survivor: Nicaragua>>

On the bright side, while most reality shows cast nothing but young people (the current season of Big Brother‘s oldest contestant is 40), Survivor isn’t afraid to have half its new cast over that age. It’s refreshing that Survivor’s casting department isn’t so heavily obsessed with youth.

The Espada tribe (over 40s) and the La Flor tribe (under 30s) will compete starting Wednesday, September 15 at 8pm.

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