This is going to be a very long week on Big Brother 12. While TV audiences haven’t even seen the end of the HoH competition, inside the house, we’re already at the Power of Veto.

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SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers.

Matt is the HoH and he nominated Andrew and Kathy.

Brendon won the PoV.

In other words, the plan to backdoor Brendon, which every except Brendon and Rachel were supporting, has failed. Brendon will leave the nominations alone because he knows if he saves someone, Rachel goes up and goes home.

This news makes me furious on several levels. First, Rachel and Brendon will be insufferable about how awesome they are and how they’re super great because Brendon won.

Second, it makes me suspicious. The HGs frequently talk about whether or not Big Brother is rigged to make the best TV possible, and even though I’m not sure how, I think it has to be. The show lost the Saboteur so now Brendon and Rachel’s nauseating relationship is the best storyline CBS has, so they don’t want either of them to be eliminated.

Every single competition has worked out like it was scripted. Brendon was nominated in week 1 and he won the PoV. Rachel went from nominee to HoH. Britney was nominated then won PoV in week 2. Matt went from nominee to HoH. And now Brendon, who was supposed to be backdoored, won the PoV.

Brendon and Rachel get everything they want and the rest of us have to suffer through their kissing and snuggling and proclamations that they will be together forever because their love is real. I’ve seen enough reality TV to know that the odds of Brendon and Rachel getting married and living a long and happy life together outside of the Big Brother house are infinitesimal.

Now the real mystery is: Which random pawn do you target?

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