Big Brother 12 is all about Matt, Rachel and Brendon right now. The power couple has all the mojo, but Matt is playing this game harder than anyone. Will the self-described “diabolical super genius” pull off some magic, or is he signing his own eviction notice? Time will tell.

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Rachel and Brendon Whine

If there’s an award for the most whiny, sad-sack HGs, it has to go to Rachel and Brendon. First Brendon reveals that he only voted to evict Monet because that’s the way the house went. So instead of voting his conscience, like Kathy did, he wussed out.

Then, after Matt wins the HoH, Rachel cries and whines about how awful the situation is. For someone who claims to respect the game, I’m in awe of how she seems to think fairness and morality are actually important. This game is about deception and making deals and a little bit of luck, so moral outrage does nothing but make me hate you.

“Feign Excitement” for Matt

When Matt gets his HoH room key, he calls everyone to “feign excitement” and come see. That kind of brutal honesty makes me love him. He also reads a letter from his wife which makes it sound like she’s sick, so his bone disease lie is solidifying.

Kissing Cousins

The Brigade is happy to be in power again, but Lane, Enzo and Matt are growing suspicious of Hayden’s close connection to Kristen. Lane even thinks they could be siblings or cousins, which is hilarious because it’s cut with shots of Hayden and Kristen making out. Let’s hope they’re NOT cousins.

Enzo the Real Genius

After a hilarious scene of Britney trying to teach Enzo elocution, he tells Matt that they need to nominate Rachel and Brendon so that one of them goes. He adds that because of the way they called out Matt last week, the Brigade has total cover. I also love that when he sees the Have-Nots will enjoy Baby Food and Bok Choy, he calls it “Bok Chock or Bok-arat” and also “bootleg lettuce.” The Meow-Meow has a way with words.

Matt the Diabolical Super Non-Genius

With great power comes great responsibility, a lesson Matt would be wise to learn. While everyone else thinks putting up Brendon and Rachel instead of plotting a possible backdoor is the right move, Matt tries to strike a deal where he won’t put up Brendon or Rachel if they promise not to put him up next week should they win HoH. Can they be trusted? Time will tell, but for now, the Matt has more faith in their gameplay than I do.

He nominates Andrew and Kathy, with the possibility of backdooring Brendon. I love Matt, but like Andrew and Enzo, I think this plan is highly flawed. The problem is that we need to wait until the next HoH competition to see if Matt’s plan backfires.

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