The battle is on for power in Big Brother 12. Week 3 got off to a great start with the first endurance competition of the season, which means we’ll get to see who really wants it. With past challenges lasting up to eight hours, this could be a long night, but I’ll be here with updates as it happens to see who becomes the new HoH.

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In this Big Brother endurance competition, the HGs stand on surfboards while be doused with water and the last person standing wins HoH. However, the first five eliminated will be the Haves and the next four will be the Have-Nots. So whoever comes in second won’t get to eat this week. That will be awful.


Lane and Kathy are the first two out in the first 15 minutes.

Kristen falls off next.

Hayden falls at about 25 minutes.

Britney falls shortly after.

This is going to be a quick one, I guess. Those five, plus Rachel and the winner, are the Haves for the week. That leaves Brendon, Enzo, Matt, Ragan and Andrew fighting it out. Four won’t eat, one will win.

Enzo is next to fall at 48 minutes.

Brendon falls next.

– After a little more than 90 minutes, Andrew is out.

It’s down to BFFs Matt and Ragan! It kind of sucks that Enzo and Brendon will be on slop for the second week in a row and one of these two will go back on it. It also sucks that Andrew, who can only eat kosher food, will have even fewer meal options on slop.

Now it’s time for the deal to be struck, and Ragan decides to give the win to his BFF and fake gay showmance partner Matt. Hooray!

They also make a plan where Matt is quite honest about his plans. He says he’ll put up Kathy and Andrew with the goal of evicting Kathy. However, he even adds that if one of them wins PoV, he would put up Brendon or Rachel as the replacement nominee. This is exactly the plan Matt has revealed earlier this week to his Brigade, only the real target is Brendon being backdoored.

Ragan waits a little longer to avoid suspicions that he threw the competition.

Matt is the new HoH!

So for the second week in a row someone goes from on the block to the HoH room. All I know is I’m excited since Matt became my new favorite player last week. In my mind, he’s like Dan, the winner of Big Brother 10, only better, because he mocks BB10‘s Jerry’s military regalia and calls Julie the Chenbot to her face.

Will Matt keep his word and nominate Andrew and Kathy? And will he try to backdoor Brendon or Rachel? The answer to both questions is almost certainly yes, but nothing is certain in the Big Brother house.

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