With Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice‘s Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers and Jenna Bans coming together, this medical drama from ABC is bound to turn heads and induce tears. On Off the Map, the network brings audiences this uplifting series focusing on three doctors working and stranded in the South American jungle.

In the small town of “la ciudad de las estrellas” or the city of stars, there is a medical clinic in need of supplies and professional help. It was almost impossible to find doctors willing to trek so far for a job, but the young and idealistic Lily Brenner (Caroline Dhavernas) seems made for it.

Joining her are fellow physicians Mina Minard (Mamie Gummer) and Manny Diaz (Enrique Murciano), who are hoping for another means of escape just like her. All three of them are running from their old lives and hope that the wild can offer some sense of comfort.

As newcomers though, the pressure is on and problems arise on every corner. Aside from their emotional baggage, they have to deal with that of others as well. Legendary doctor and the clinic’s founder Ben Keeton (Martin Henderson) rounds up the crew.

But while he can provide some semblance of leadership, he has his own troubles as well. Keeton was once the youngest Chief of Surgery at UCLA until he decided to walk out of it and start a new life in South America. He even took along his right-hand man Otis Cole (Jason George), in the hopes of training these new doctors and saving even more lives.

The team has to face a challenge every day, given the environment they’re in. But soon they’ll realize how being so far away brings them back to where they started as doctors.

They’ll need all the help they can get too. Valerie Cruz plays Zita (Zee) and Jose Julian portrays Charlie, their guides to and friends in the Amazon. Catch the video for Off the Map below.

Don’t miss Off the Map when it premieres this fall on ABC.

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