Smallville Will End After Season 10>>

Smallville has just wrapped up its ninth season and is getting ready to fly into its tenth. And hopefully, Clark (Tom Welling) will up and zoom around by that time. From what we’ve seen on the recent finale “Salvation,” a blue, red and yellow blur will be dominating our screens soon.

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But before we get ahead of ourselves, and we will, let’s check out some highlights of Smallville season 9. Afterwards, we can all move on to season 10, because it’s time to expect something way better. We’ve waited long enough.

Deemed “Clark’s darkest hour,” this season of Smallville has given us plenty to think about regarding our hero’s journey. Below, in no particular order, are just few of the installment’s points of interest. Feel free to add more, because we’re sure you have a lot of favorite moments from season 9.

–    Zod entered the picture on “Savior,” which was the season 9 premiere. It was also where a Kandorian assassin tried to kill Clark using Blue Kryptonite, and we all know how that figures in the finale.
–    Julian Sands playing Jor-El on “Kandor”
–    Lois and Clark’s relationship came to be at last, although she’s still smitten by The Blur
–    Metallo saved by Clark, then returning to save Clark from the effects of Red Kryptonite
–    The introduction of the “Checkmate” organization, including Amanda Waller and Maxwell Lord, and the revelation that Martha Kent was the Red Queen
–    Chloe taking on the role of Watchtower, her struggle with Tess and Oliver, as well as her strained friendship with Clark
–    “Absolute Justice,” of course, the two-hour TV special in which the Justice Society of America made an appearance and led our Smallville heroes-to-be towards their Justice League path

Are we over season 9 yet? If not, oh well. Season 10 is coming in and this will be Smallville‘s last. According to the network, the last few moments of being Clark Kent will unfold then.

As for the forces that will oppose our dear hero then, we heard that they’ve already appeared. Showrunner Brian Peterson told TV Guide, “Clark has one heroic decision to make, which takes us into next season. Look very closely and you will see [the villain]. I think the comic fans will be able to spot it.”

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We’re pretty sure there won’t be just one. There’s a whole season to look forward to, but what we’re really hoping for is seeing Superman’s first flight. Zod knows the fanbase has waited so long for that.

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