Earlier this week, former Smallville star Michael Rosenbaum made a proclamation that thrilled the series’ super-fans. On his Twitter account, he announced that there was “[l]ots of good news coming soon” and many immediately believed it had something to do with the CW show.

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Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. Despite the Lex Luthor hints on the “Absolute Justice” TV special, the actor remains stubborn in turning back. Upon realizing what his Twitter update had caused, he quickly cleared things up.

“Sorry,” Rosenbaum wrote. “It’s not ‘Smallville’ related. I’ve already stated that I’m not returning. I’d never lead you guys on like that. I appreciate your support.”

Even though it’s not the “big big news” he’s referring to, the actor revealed that he will be starring in a comedy for FOX. It was created by Adam F. Goldberg and Seth Gordon, and also stars Christian Slater. Apparently, the new series will revolve around a group of computer hackers, but no other details have been released about it.

While that’s definitely a blow to the excitement of many fans of the CW drama, they still have a lot to look forward to. Season 10 is in the works, and Geoff Johns said a JSA return is likely. If that isn’t enough, there’s the news that another comics character will be brought to life on Smallville,

Kryptonsite has learned that actor Blu Mankuma will be appearing on the episode “Charade” later this season. As for the character, we might just have to issue a minor spoiler alert before going further.


Right. So Mankuma will be portraying the DC Universe character Franklin Stern, known as the owner and publisher of the Daily Planet. This could mean that changes are afoot in the office, affecting the lives of its employees. Will Lois get promoted or something?

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There haven’t been any other announcements regarding Blu Mankuma’s appearance, except for the fact that the character Maxwell Lord will be on that same episode too. We might have to put that off for now though, because “Charade” won’t be airing until the end of April.

Source: Michael Rosenbaum’s Twitter, Kryptonsite
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