Last week, Tom Welling announced that he wanted to have quite a reunion once the final season of Smallville wraps up. He mentioned friends Michael Rosenbaum and Kristen Kreuk, pleading them to make an appearance for the tenth installment of the series. Despite the gravity of that, the actor still had a few more requests.

Tom Wants Lana and Lex Back on Smallville

The New York Post‘s PopWrap talked to the star during The CW Upfronts and dug up details on the upcoming season of the show. Or at least, those final hours of Clark’s before he embraces his destiny.

“For me, one of the reasons I’ve felt like the show has been so great is because it follows Clark’s journey into becoming Superman,” Welling revealed. “So if that happens, it will be very late in the season – even possibly the very last thing you see on Smallville.”

The actor also dished on what he hopes to see in season 10, aside from Lana and Lex. “I’d love to see Annette [O’ Toole, plays Martha Kent] back more, Michael McKean [Perry White], John Schneider [Jonathan Kent] – all these guys. They’re all part of the family!”

He added, “There’s Justice League possibilities, there’s a lot going on. Ten will be a huge season!” With a series finale being planned, of course it will.

But before we zoom right into the final installment of Smallville, we have some DVD release news. The cover art for the season 9 set has been acquired by Kryptonsite, and you can see Clark in all his Blur-ry glory there.

Smallville Ending After Season 10

In case you haven’t saved up for that or are just too impatient, maybe you can prepare for the new series No Ordinary Family, which involves two former execs of Smallville. KSiteTV reports that Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer will be working on the new superhero show, premiering this fall on ABC. Maybe that could hold us off until season 10.

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