Among all the cast members of NYC Prep, I’ve always been puzzled about PC. Aside from being the most notorious and flashy, he seems to be struggling with something —something that I’ve been trying to hold back until various other websites have reported it as well. Word on the street is that PC is gay!

I guess it all started in the first episode, where viewers were introduced to PC as someone obsessed with fashion and shopping. On top of that, viewers also learned that he has several effeminate mannerisms. While these things make PC potentially gay, that might not be enough to prove that he is. However, as NYC Prep heads further into the season, it seems that more and more viewers are getting convinced.

There was an episode where in PC went to Mexico for a beach side holiday with male pal JP. There were girls coming on to PC but it appeared that he has turned them away, leaving viewers with the impression that PC isn’t interested in girls.

More gay-hints ensued on last night on NYC Prep. PC stripped down when he helped out on a photo shoot gone wild. What started out as an internship of his own with a magazine as a photographer’s assistant turned into an outrageous adventure by the end of the shoot as he ended up in front of the camera with the male photographer as his partner.

I’m still not sure if PC is gay or as some sites describe it “on board with the bi-now-gay-later program.” However, it’s clear that the producers of NYC Prep want viewers to think that PC might be gay since the mystery of PC’s sexuality will keep viewers glued each week. has already asked Bravo about the issue but the network refused to comment.
“You’ll have to come to your own conclusion,” Bravo said.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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