A day before the sixth season of Hell’s Kitchen premieres on Fox, host Gordon Ramsay promises that the quality of cooking and personality on the reality show have greatly improved, and the infamous celebrity chef is very thankful for it.

“More than anything, chefs have gotten better, which is great news, which makes my life a lot easier.  I can be a lot more creative in terms of the menu.”

Ramsay, however, cautions that the upcoming season will still include all the “tantrums and rollercoasters” that fans of Hell’s Kitchen have grown to love.

“It’s possibly the most demanding in terms of frustration level, but I think we’ve got some exceptional chefs, which may turn out to be a bit of a surprise I think,” Ramsay said. “I think the standard of chefs across the board is far greater… We’ve been a lot more creative in terms of the challenges and there have been a few twists.”

Hell’s Kitchen, which kicks off its sixth season with a two-hour premiere, will feature 16 new chefs competing for the grand prize of the title of head chef at Araxi Restaurant, in Whistler, BC.

Another thing Ramsay noticed in the contestants this season is that they tend to be more confrontational, at times even talking back at Ramsay, who guesses they’ve seen the show before.

“I always say if you let your food do the talking, you’d be surprised how far you go in a short period of time… I encourage that level of confidence.  That’s great. But when you’ve got the arrogance, the confidence and you can’t cook, then you look stupid.”

Catch Hell’s Kitchen two-hour premiere tomorrow night 8pm on Fox.

– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Reality TV World, The Examiner
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Glenn Diaz

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