Worried tonight’s Bachelorette “Men Tell All” special will be light on the special-ness, and heavy on snooze-fest? Host Chris Harrison–you know, that guy who gets paid to say “Only one rose left this evening, gentlemen”–has some groundbreaking news for you: this is going to be THE MOST DRAMATIC REUNION in Bachelorette history! (Sound familiar?)

And he’s just as surprised as we are about that.

Harrison told People Magazine, “I wasn’t expecting much from these guys because usually by the time we do the reunion show, the guys have said their piece and they’re done. They don’t usually hold on to anger like the women do.”

But not the men of this season. Ohhh, no. Said Harrison, “it got out of hand in a hurry. They got aggressive from the moment we started rolling and it became like high school or a fraternity house.”
And it’s not just the usual suspects we’ll see making waves tonight, according to Chris.

“I expected Dave and Juan to fight. I expected some people to have harsh things to say to Jake about him going to Austin. It was the other characters like Sasha, Robby, Mark and Brian that jumped in that took me by surprise.”

Remember Angry Dave? Of course you do. He’s the guy whose crude and rude antics got him the boot in Vancouver. Look out for him tonight, says Harrison. Seems sometimes you can’t teach a bad dog new tricks:

“I expected Dave to have seen what he did on that Vancouver date and really backpedal. I’ll give him credit. He did apologize and it was heartfelt, but I still don’t think he sees what was wrong with how he acted … He even looked at the women in the audience and was like, ‘What? You don’t want me to compliment your ass?’ That’s stunning.”

Luckily for David, Harrison claims he’s not the only guy who ended up behaving badly. Even with Wes Hayden not in attendance, those who were there “came off like knuckle-dragging cavemen,” said Harrison. “I’m not the greatest guy in the world but these guys were terrible.”

Despite his absence, we all know Wes (and his “Girlfriendgate” drama) will be a hot topic of the two hours. Since being released from the show, Wes has been vocal with the media in attempts to restore his good name and refute the rumors, claiming ABC’s Bachelorette producers maliciously edited his words to the point of flat-out fabrication to create the conflict.

Harrison weighed in on the side of ABC: “I don’t care if he does or doesn’t have a girlfriend. I don’t even think that is the question anymore. It was his overall lack of sincerity for her feelings … When he was around Jillian, he was Casanova with a guitar who said all the right things. He pushed it as far as he could and when things got serious, he pulled the parachute.”

The host went on, “It’s always the guys who fancy themselves really smart and really cool who feel like they were mis-edited and portrayed badly.”

Tonight we’ll also surely get teased about next week’s Bachelorette finale, when Jillian will decide between Kiptyn and Ed, her finale two choices. Or will there be a third option still available?

Second runner-up Reid was also not at the “Men Tell All” taping, leading many viewers and media outlets to speculate that it is his “shocking confession” that will rock Jillian in the finale episode. Perhaps that’s why Jillian insisted that viewers wait until “the last five minutes” to see her happy ending unfold.

Harrison didn’t discuss Reid’s role with People, but he did give his take on Jillian’s romantic dilemma next week: “Each represents a different aspect of what she was looking for in her life. The only thing I see as a problem with Kiptyn is her insecurity with him. I don’t like the fact that she feels out of her league. On the flip side, you know Ed and Jillian would be best friends for life, but do they have the sexual chemistry and intimacy? He left once but he came back and he’s been very open about how he feels. Every woman has had a best friend like Ed where they have wondered if they should take it further than that.”

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-Meghan Carlson, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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