There is something about a good TV villain. An excellent bad guy (or girl) can be the make-it-or-break-it factor with some TV shows. A good show will have at least one adequate adversary for the hero to come up against. Occasionally, though, a show will strike gold twice and have at least two villains that prove a serious challenge. Let’s look at some current TV shows with the best villains and figure out who you love to hate just a little bit more.

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The Governor vs Negan – The Walking Dead 

It is the battle of the apocalyptic psychopaths on The Walking Dead. Both The Governor and Negan are ruthless leaders of their own groups and they’ve both brought Rick Grimes and company to new lows, but with very different methods. The Governor started on The Walking Dead as a controlling and unstable dictator and he grew into an even more unstable and even more controlling dictator who rode into literal battle on a tank. Negan, meanwhile, entered The Walking Dead by bashing two people’s brains in and being every other kind of awful since his first appearance. 

The Governor and Negan are both pretty awful and share a similar flair for the dramatic. Their big difference is how they operate. The Governor is a coiled snake who keeps everything inside, only to lash out in the most violent ways. Negan, on the other hand, is constantly lashing out. The Governor is a bit scarier but also a little too quiet. Negan is definitely more charismatic and talkative but his need to be the most despicable person on screen at any given moment is a bit exhausting. 

Which of these villains are your favorites overall? Which is the toughest match-up to figure out? Are there any villains we missed from these shows?

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