Back in September, Necessary Roughness aired its season 1 finale with quite the bang. But first, Dr. Dani Santino signed her divorce papers after she found out that her husband had multiple affairs at the start of the series. The divorce is certainly affecting all, especially with their son, Ray Jay. It was also revealed that the Pittman’s daughter is not Nico’s. The football game in the finale was quite the spectacle to watch, with T.K. making a move to help the team win in the final six seconds of the game. But after such a whirlwind of a game, season 1 ended with tragedy as T.K. was shot.

Even though storylines like the divorce aftermath will be played out with, I’m sure, brilliance on the part of the actors, the incident that every fan is on the edge of their seats for revolves around T.K. Does he live? How will this affect everyone else? What’s going to happen in Necessary Roughness season 2?

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What to Expect from Necessary Roughness Season 2?

In the same month that the first season ended, we got word from USA that Necessary Roughness has been renewed for season 2 with 16 episodes. This is more episodes than we had for season 1, which only had 11.

Since the show will not return until summer, we don’t really have any solid news at the moment on what new storylines and plots will emerge. But one interesting aspect about the show that has been talked about online is the location.

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A lot of times, shows and movies are filmed in a different location than where the plot is supposed to be set. In the case of Necessary Roughness, the characters and plot are set in the New York area: New York City and Long Island. But they film the show in Atlanta.

It is unknown at this time if the show will continue filming in Atlanta or if they will move up to the New York area to make it more authentic. Since the show features football and football is played in the fall, the outdoors should match that fall look. And then, of course, when it’s around December, shouldn’t the look (such as no leaves) and clothing reflect that? The weather in Atlanta is certainly hotter than in New York. To match the fall season, in post-production they do change the colors of the leaves.

Of course, this is all speculation on something that has no impact on the plot or characters, but it’s still interesting to think about. Do you want it to look more authentic?

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But back to the characters for a moment. We’re all waiting and wondering what’s going to happen with T.K. Will he live? Would the show take a drastic enough measure and actually kill him? Most likely not. Most likely, Necessary Roughness season 2 will cover his recovery and physical therapy. And on a related note, will the shooter be put to justice?

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Are you looking forward to the return of Necessary Roughness? Here are two promos for season 2 (though they only contain season 1 footage).

Necessary Roughness season 2 will air in summer 2012 on USA.

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