Does Sarah have a baby?

That’s the question many a Chuck fan had to ask after Daniel Shaw dropped a “baby” bomb on us at the end of “Chuck vs. the Santa Suit.” This week’s episode, “Chuck vs. the Baby” looks ready to give us some answers on Sarah’s murky past. We’ve got a video clip from “Chuck vs. the Baby,” some spoilers, and even a goodbye from the set of Chuck itself. So keep reading!

Take a Peek at “Chuck vs. the Baby”
This video shows us a short scene from this week’s “Chuck vs. the Baby.” In it, we find the Bartowskis engaging in a moment of marital non-bliss:

  • Does Sarah really think she can get away with not telling Chuck anything? Does she not remember that her husband runs an international spy corporation and seems capable of doing anything he wants with any computer anywhere?
  • Why is Morgan following Casey like a puppy dog?
  • Why does Sarah need so many guns? And how is she going to travel with them? Checked luggage?

Presumably, Sarah’s abrupt departure has something to do with the “baby” mentioned by Shaw. Where is she going? Will Chuck follow along?

This next video indicates that Chuck is not quite as OK with Sarah’s departure as he tells her. Of course.

As always, even short Chuck clips are both entertaining and informative. After all, I, like Chuck, did not realize that the Rubik’s cube was invented in Hungary. That is, however, not likely to be part of Ellie’s secret. Or maybe it is. You can never tell with Chuck.

What is the secret? What lengths will Chuck go to in order to “help” his wife? Will game night in Castle be a hit? Only “Chuck vs. the Baby” will bring us those answers. But, to keep you going until then…

What does all this mean for Chuck and Sarah?
Obviously, the mention of a mysterious and secret “baby” from Sarah’s past is bound to make Chuck fans worry a little about Chuck and Sarah’s relationship. But we don’t need to worry much.

According to the actors who play the aforementioned Chuck and Sarah, the Bartowskis’ relationship should survive this mystery just fine. In an article posted by, Zachary Levi spoke about the “baby” cliffhanger. “It’s big, and it’s cool, and for our fans to get that bit of extra more backstory that is revealed in the next episode,” said Levi. “But it’s not like relationship-changing or anything.”

If anything, the story behind the “baby” seems to be more about Sarah’s identity than anything else. The episode is full of flashbacks and will feature both Sarah’s first handler, Kieran Ryker (Tim DeKay of White Collar), and her mother (played by Cheryl Ladd).

The End Is Near
Now for the sad part of this article. However much we may be in denial about Chuck‘s imminent demise, that end is fast approaching. And production of Chuck is already over.

Need proof? Click here to watch a video of what seems to be the official farewell moment on the set of Chuck. You might want some tissues.

Depressing — but also kind of uplifting — isn’t it?

The next episode of Chuck season 5, “Chuck vs. the Baby” will air at 8pm on Friday, December 30.

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