When Criminal Minds returns in the New Year, the show will tackle some personal storylines involving the main characters. What could those storylines entail? We don’t know too much — but here’s what we do know about three plots coming up this spring on Criminal Minds. Then, it’s your turn to dive in and do some speculating in the comments!

In the 150th episode, Prentiss (Paget Brewster) will be seeing a therapist and we will learn more about the agent’s emotional state in the aftermath of everything she went through last season and her return to the team. But will Prentiss open up to this therapist, or will the revelations about her missing time come from her rumored “serious” conversation with Hotch (Thomas Gibson)? Given that this storyline is taking place in such a landmark episode, should we have high expectations for this insight into Prentiss’ mindset, or do you do think the case-of-the-week will be the main focus?

In an episode set to air February 15th, it looks like JJ (A.J. Cook) will be getting into an altercation with an UnSub where her life could be on the line. But how did JJ wind up in this situation? Is it another case of a team member being personally targeted by an UnSub or did JJ merely end up in the wrong place at the wrong time? It appears that the fight could get physical, and though we know JJ is an excellent shot, will she be forced to take down the UnSub on her own or will the team arrive to back her up before things get out of hand? And now that JJ is a full-fledged profiler, will this confrontation make her think twice about her new role on the team or confirm that she was prepared for all the possible challenges of her new position?

And in the first episode back from the break, set to air January 18th, our resident genius celebrates a milestone. Reid’s (Matthew Gray Gubler) 30th birthday will prompt him to question if he could be doing more with his life, given his intellect. But is it just his birthday that makes Reid question things, or does something happen with the case that sparks his interest in possibly branching out from his regular activities? Kirsten Vangsness teased that Garcia makes Reid the ‘wrong’ cake for his big day, so even though Reid is pondering the meaning of his life, there should be some lighthearted moments between the team members upon the show’s return.

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