NCIS season 10 finale airs this week, but instead of mourning the fact that the show will be off all summer, we’ve decided to celebrate the past 10 seasons by highlighting our favorite episodes.

So far we’ve listed the 10 best Abby episodes, the 10 best McGee episodes, the 10 best Gibbs episodes, the 10 best Tony episodes, and the 10 best Ziva episodes.

Now it’s time to take a look at the 10 best Tiva episodes, for all you fans out there who love it when everyone’s favorite Senior Field Agent gets closer to the former Mossad agent.

#10 “Revenge”

Season 10, episode 22: Though this could be seen as mostly a Ziva episode, it had some good Tiva moments in it as well. There’s no denying the connection that has continued to build up in season 10 and as they recover from the accident together, we can see that evident in this episode. Ziva ultimately kills Bodnar on her own but there’s no doubt that Tony would’ve been there to help had he made it there on time.


#9 “Berlin”

Season 10, episode 21: Now that Tony knows that Ziva is out for revenge, he happily follows orders and accompanies her to Berlin so that they can track down Bodnar. Through the course of the episode, we see the two of them growing closer — even sharing a wonderful dance — as they follow the case. In the end, there is a tender moment between them in Tony’s car, right before someone hits them out of nowhere.


#8 “Chasing Ghosts”

Season 10, episode 20: Similar to the ending of season 6, this episode found Ziva once again hiding secrets and Tony doing everything in his power to find out what they were. Though some see his actions as annoying, we all know that he does what he does because he cares and because he wants to help. It took until the end, but finally Tony found out what was happening and was able to offer his help.


#7 “Jet Lag”

Season 7, episode 13: Tony and Ziva are sent to Paris on a case and though we don’t see a lot of what happened there, we do hear some tantalizing tidbits about their time in the very romantic city. Both tell different stories about their hotel room situation, making some wonder if anyone slept on that fabled couch at all. Plus, we had the beautiful moment of Tony revealing the best photo he took on the trip — of Ziva.

"Jet Lag"

#6 “Truth or Consequences”

Season 7, episode 1: In this season premiere, Ziva is missing and soon the news arrives that she is done. When Tony hears about what has happened to Ziva, his mind shuts down and he can think of nothing else than getting revenge. While on their mission, he and McGee find Ziva alive and it is then that Tony (under the influence of truth serum) admits that he couldn’t go on without her.


#5 “Aliyah”

Season 6, episode 25: Things are about as tense as they can be between Tony and Ziva, but underneath it all there is still an air of tension that speaks of their deep fondness for each other. Though they are hard to watch, we learn the most about their relationship in the scenes where they fight and argue over what happened.


#4 “Semper Fidelis”

Season 6, episode 24: Ziva has fallen for a dangerous Mossad operative and as she gets deeper and deeper into trouble, Tony is there on the sidelines trying to get her to come clean with him so he can protect her. Things sadly come to a head and Tony is forced to kill Ziva’s lover, making us wonder how they would ever get past it.


#3 “Boxed In”

Season 3, episode 12: Tony and Ziva are on a case and end up in a shootout that causes them to be locked up in a shipping container for hours. The two of them in close quarters for so long led to some predictably hilarious moments, but it also gave us a few more heartfelt ones as they shared little tidbits about themselves.


#2 “Under Covers”

Season 3, episode 8: This episode was like a Tiva lover’s dream come true. When Tony and Ziva are put undercover as a couple of married assassins, they got to play out what many fans had been hoping to see since their first episode together. Though the sex may have been faked, it didn’t mean we couldn’t enjoy seeing them together as a couple.


#1 “Kill Ari Parts 1 and 2”

Season 3, episodes 1 and 2: No list of Tiva episodes can be complete without the two that brought these two characters together in the first place. Once Ziva walked into the squad room, she and Tony started a flirtation that has lasted ten seasons and counting.


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