Castle season 5 concludes on Monday, May 13 with an episode called “Watershed.” BuddyTV spoke exclusively with star Molly Quinn about what fans can expect from the finale, as well as what she’d like to see for Alexis in season 6. 

“It’s starting a new chapter.”

When asked to talk about the season finale, Quinn said, “It’s starting a new chapter. And any time we read a new chapter in a book that we’re really liking sometimes that particular chapter can change the way we feel about the outcome of the book. So I think people are definitely going to have a lot of opinions on how the season is going to end. “

Asked how she would describe the finale in one word, Quinn said it was “chilling.”

“She’s still having terrors about her experience in Paris.”

Alexis has gone through a lot this season and the finale will see her going in a new direction. “Basically she’s starting another adventure and the fears and excitement that go along with that.” Quinn said. 

But don’t expect Alexis to get involved in the heavy discussions between her father and Beckett in the episode. “I think right now, since Alexis has been through so much in season 5, I think she’s really just trying to take a break and separate for a little while. She can only help so many people. At this point she’s really needing help herself because she’s still having terrors about her experience in Paris. She really is taking time off to reflect and try to heal herself.” Quinn said. 

“She doesn’t want to rob him of his happiness.”

Castle and Beckett are going to be taking a hard look at their relationship in the episode. But how would she feel if the two actually broke up? “I think that would be very conflicting for Alexis because as much as she loves her dad and know, those were their movie nights and now they’re his date nights with Beckett. I think she doesn’t want to rob him of his happiness – – and she says this – – if he is truly happy with Beckett then that’s what she wants for him.” Quinn said. 

But though she wants her dad to be happy, Alexis also wants him to be with someone who is faithful. Would she tell her dad to break it off to protect him? “Of course she misses him but it kind of turns out, especially in recent episodes, that Beckett isn’t very certain about her relationship, or very faithful in her relationship with [Castle] and that makes Alexis very uncomfortable and very angry. So she is not completely comfortable because she knows her father deserves the best. So if Alexis set her own feelings aside and due to recent events – and you know what I’m talking about, he got a little too comfortable with that guy she was protecting in the last episode – I think she would tell her dad to break up with Beckett. [If] your dad is dating someone who basically cheats on him, you’re not going to continue to support the relationship.” Quinn said. 

“Alexis really does need to heal right now.”

Alexis hasn’t had much luck in the romance department, could love be on the horizon for her in the future? “I think it would fun in season 6 to start the show [with Alexis] in a serious relationship. Because we’ve talked about relationships, but they’ve all been like most teen romances, they get hot then they fizzle out very quickly. So I would like to see her become comfortable with a guy and really start a romance and to actually see him on screen. I think that would be good for Alexis, because when you meet someone you become comfortable with it helps you heal and Alexis really does need to heal right now. [It] all depends; if her father ends up staying with Beckett then she’s going to need to find someone that she can spend time with, but if not then she’s going to – like she always does – devote time to her father. So what is good for Alexis? Does she need to continue to stay with her dad even though she loves him so much or does she need to branch out and start her own life? It’s a question we’re all asking ourselves.” Quinn said. 

“I absolutely love working with Tamala.”

Fans really enjoyed seeing Alexis working with Lanie and some are wondering if we’ll see the two together again. But was she only working with Lanie to stay close to her father? “I think in the beginning that is what she was doing, she was being close so she could keep tabs on her dad, but I think she started to develop a love for it. And especially found Lanie as an extremely great mentor. So I really hope that they continue that storyline because I think, through Lanie, Alexis could really start healing. Just having a really good girlfriend to talk to and that type of thing. I would like to see that relationship really become something and I absolutely love working with Tamala as well. So it’s a little selfish, but it’s also really good for the story. [Tamala and I are] almost begging the writers to continue that storyline, so figures crossed.”

Sounds like Alexis has got going on and could have many more adventures next season. What do you think now that you’ve heard more about the Castle finale and Alexis’ part in it? Are you excited to see what will happen for her next season?

Castle airs on Monday nights at 10pm on ABC. 

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