NCIS season 10 is sadly getting closer to its finale, but instead of mourning the fact that the show will be off all summer, we’ve decided to celebrate the past 10 seasons by highlighting our favorite episodes.

So far we’ve listed the 10 best Abby episodes and the 10 best McGee episodes. Now it’s time for our team leader to get some attention.

Check out our top 10 Gibbs episodes.

#10 “Mother’s Day”

Season 7, episode 16 In this episode, the team arrives on a murder scene to find a woman who witnessed the crime. To everyone’s surprise, it turns out that Gibbs’ former mother-in-law was the witness. But as things progress with the case, Gibbs discovers that she may have been more involved in the crime that she originally let on. In the end, when it is discovered that his mother-in-law was acting in revenge for her daughter and grandchild’s murder, Gibbs and Vance decide to keep her secret.


#9 “Sharif Returns”

Season 4, episode 13: Gibbs teams up once again with Lt. Col. Hollis Mann on a case, and this time it puts them both in danger. Hollis and Gibbs, along with the rest of the team, try to track down a dangerous terrorist before he can infect people with a deadly virus. In the end, Gibbs is infected and we watch in horror as he loses control and is very nearly killed by the terrorist. Luckily, his team is there to save him.


#8 “Out of the Frying Pan”

Season 8, episode 18: In this episode, Gibbs and Tony team up to interrogate a murder suspect. That doesn’t necessarily sound unusual until we discover that the suspect is a teenage boy accused of murdering his father. As Gibbs and Tony interrogate the young man together, we get to see how well they work off of each other and how Gibbs can always get the information that he needs without resorting to violence.


#7 “Rule Fifty-One”

Season 7, episode 24: There is a whole lot that happens in this episode and most of it centers on Gibbs. First, there’s the fact that Abby discovers that Gibbs killed the drug lord who was responsible for murdering his family. This has a huge effect on their relationship. Plus there’s the fact that Gibbs gets kidnapped by the family of said drug lord. Finally, there’s the connection to Mike Franks and the way he showed up in the end to take over the assignment from Tony. As we said, a whole lot of Gibbs-ness was in this one.


#6 “A Man Walks Into a Bar”

Season 8, episode 14: In this episode, the team is followed around by a doctor doing what appears to be routine psych evals. As Dr. Rachel Cranston talks to each team member, we delve deeper into their thoughts that we perhaps thought we would. Dr. Cranston seems to know everyone better than she should and, in a very pivotal scene at the end, Gibbs reveals that he knew along that she was in fact Kate’s older sister. It was a wonderful way to get a bit more closure for Kate and to see that softer side of Gibbs again.


#5 “Requiem”

Season 5, episode 7: In this episode, a young woman comes to ask Gibbs for help and it turns out that she was once the best friend of his little girl. Feeling a sense of fatherly protection towards the girl, Gibbs does whatever it take (including breaking some rules) to get her. In the end, when Gibbs nearly drowns, he sees his wife and child again and Kelly tells him to return him. It’s a scene not easily forgotten and one that is bound to bring tears to anyone who watches it.


#4 “Heartland”

Season 6, episode 4: A case leads the team to Gibbs’ hometown and there everyone gets to meet his father. Finding out more about each of the characters is a fun part of the show and this episode was no different. There were some fun moments as Gibbs’ team discovers what his father is like, but also some serious ones that told us more about why Gibbs and his dad had been estranged for so long. Plus it has one of our favorite scenes ever: Gibbs getting back his Charger and speeding past his team with the biggest grin he’s probably ever had in the series.


#3 “Hiatus: Parts 1 and 2”

Season 3, episode 22 and 23: We’re including both episodes as one because they are basically just one two-hour episode. Gibbs is seriously injured in an explosion and the trauma triggers memories we never knew he had. That season we had seen glimpses and hints to what we found out in those two episodes, but it was still shocking to discover that Gibbs had once had a wife and child tragically killed by a drug dealer. Not only that, but that Gibbs had killed said drug dealer as revenge. We learned so much about Gibbs in this episode that I don’t think any of us ever looked at him the same way again.


#2 “Kill Ari: Parts 1 and 2”

Season 3, episode 1 and 2: Again, we’re including both episodes as one because they are basically just one two-hour episode. The team is chasing after Ari and along the way, each member of the team is put in danger. Sadly it is Kate who loses her life, giving us a glimpse at a Gibbs we hadn’t seen up to that point. Here we saw a man plagued by the ghost of the woman killed on his watch and perhaps doubting his abilities as a leader.


#1 “Life Before His Eyes”

Season 9, episode 14: In this episode, Gibbs goes to his regular coffee shop to get his daily cup of joe and finds himself coming face to face with a gunman. Over the next 40 minutes, we were treated to glimpses into Gibbs’ life that we never knew before, as well as peeks into what his life would’ve been like had he chosen different paths. It was a beautiful episode that showed us more about Gibbs than we ever thought we would know.


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