NCIS season 10 has been a pretty epic season so far. With just a few episodes left, we thought we’d take a look back at some of our favorite episodes throughout the past 10 years.

First up, we shine the spotlight on everyone’s favorite forensic tech and count down the top 10 Abby episodes.

#10 “Witch Hunt”

Season 4, episode 6: In this episode, the team is put on the case of a little girl who is kidnapped on Halloween. Admittedly, there’s not a whole lot of Abby in this episode, but one scene alone put this one on the list of favorite Abby episodes. Who can forget Abby dressed up as Marilyn Monroe?


#9 “Up in Smoke”

Season 9, episode 23: This episode was part of the whole Deering storyline in season 9 and as such, was full of mostly serious moments. But the few light moments we got in it were thanks to Abby. She took her role as Palmer’s Best Woman very seriously and apparently planned one heck of a bachelor party for him. Sadly, we never saw the party on screen but, judging by her costume alone, it looked like it would’ve been one heck of a doozy.


#8 “Cover Story”

Season 4, episode 20: This episode is mostly about McGee and the crazy person who decides to steal pages from his unpublished manuscript and use them as a reason to start killing people. Poor Abby is caught in the crossfire when the loon decides that she means to harm the main character in the book (aka McGee). In this episode we see the cute outfit Abby wears to sleep in and find out that she really does hang out with bowling nuns.


#7 “Toxic”

Season 6, episode 21: Abby is “borrowed” by the FBI for a case and ends up at a hospital where she is asked to help figure out what is happening with a late scientist’s lab. As she works, she realizes that not everything is as it should be and along the way rescues a lab full of bunnies. In this episode we also see “Abby’s Lab for Dummies” and find out what she does to people who make messes in her lab.


#6 “Dog Tags”

Season 5, episode 13: A dog is found at a crime scene and even though it attacks McGee, Abby is convinced that the animal did not kill their victim. This episode is a prime example of Abby holding true to her beliefs and not letting anyone get in her way. She even goes so far as to lock Jethro in her lab until she can prove that he’s innocent. Lots of great moments of protective Abby in this one.


#5 “Bete Noire”

Season 1, episode 16: Early on in season one, this is one of the first episodes where Abby isn’t just part of the background of a case, but actually involved in it herself. Without her fear of going into autopsy, she might have been held hostage instead of Kate, which could have been a much worse scenario. The best Abby moment in this one is the very end, when she gets over her fears and goes to sleep on one of the autopsy tables.


#4 “Bloodbath”

Season 3, episode 21: In this episode, the team searches for a murderer and soon discovers a man who cleans up crime scenes for a living. He’s also someone who used to date Abby and has been stalking her ever since. Throughout the episode, we see the team rallying around Abby as the man’s attempts to get near her get stranger and stranger. In the end, he’s not their suspect for the original crime, but Gibbs puts him away anyway for something even worse.


#3 “Cracked”

Season 8, episode 6: In this episode, the team gets put on a case and through the course of the investigation, Abby finds herself feeling a certain connection to their victim. Abby gets to the point where she is obsessed with the woman, but only because she wants to make sure that they do right by the victim. It was an interesting journey into the mind of Abby, as well as their victim.


#2 “Enemy on the Hill”

Season 9, episode 4: This episode also had a lot of great Abby moments in it. Our favorite forensic tech has a big heart and when she agrees to donate a kidney, she finds out some startling information. Not only does she have a brother out there that she never knew about, but it turns out that she was adopted. The fact that she took it as well as she did proves just how strong she is.


#1 “Hit and Run”

Season 10, episode 13 This episode may be the most recent, but it is perhaps the best Abby episode we’ve had in the series so far. What could be better than finding out more about Abby’s part and how she got into forensics in the first place? Plus it gave us a glimpse of little Abby herself, pigtails and all.


Michelle Carlbert

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