NCIS season 10 is sadly getting closer to its finale, but instead of mourning the fact that the show will be off all summer, we’ve decided to celebrate the past 10 seasons by highlighting our favorite episodes.

Last week we listed the top 10 best Abby episodes and now it’s time for McGee to get his time to shine.

Check out the top 10 best McGee episodes on NCIS and don’t forget to keep an eye out for more slideshows to come, including the best Tony episodes, the best Ziva episodes, and more.

#10 “Jack Knife”

Season 7, Episode 15: In this episode, Gibbs saves McGee’s life by throwing McGee out of the way of a speeding car and getting hit himself. After that, McGee feels beholden to his boss and decides to do whatever he can to help Gibbs. In the midst of being Gibbs’ right-hand man, McGee discovers the challenges of being the boss and learns a little bit more about himself in the process.


#9 “Truth or Consequences”

Season 7, Episode 1: Though it could be argued that Tony and Ziva were featured more prominently in this episode, we still feel it had a lot of great McGee moments in it as well. As the previous summer is told via flashbacks, we see McGee being a vital part of the team and taking part in the rescue of Ziva. McGee had his share of fun, as well as badass, moments in this one.


#8 “Twisted Sister”

Season 4, Episode 9: This episode introduced us to McGee’s sister when she was accused of murdering a fellow college student. McGee broke out of his “good boy” shell and proved that he wasn’t afraid to do whatever it took to keep his sister safe — even if that involved breaking some rules. In the end, she was of course innocent and it was great to see the close bond that the two of them shared when they both were relieved by the news.


#7 “The Penelope Papers”

Season 9, Episode 3: This episode guest-starred the amazing Lily Tomlin as McGee’s grandmother. It was yet another peek into McGee’s past (combined of course with a case) and it gave us more insight into him and his family. Thanks to grandma, we learned a lot more about McGee’s father and how the Admiral wasn’t going to win Father-of-the-Year any time soon.


#6 “Defiance”

Season 8, Episode 15: In this episode, McGee and Tony are tasked with guarding the life of a young woman who is connected to their case and may be in danger. McGee and the woman grow closer as the case progresses but it turns out that she was only using him to fake her own kidnapping. McGee doesn’t let her trickery get to him though and gets right back to work solving the case with the rest of the team.


#5 “Ignition”

Season 7, Episode 11: This episode is mostly a lot of fun, but it also lets McGee shine as the case involves one of his favorite things in the whole, wide world — jetpacks. McGee gets to use his vast store of knowledge and is even put in charge of the case by Gibbs. In the end, McGee is the hero when he captures the bad guy by using the man’s very own jetpack controls against him.


#4 “Caged”

Season 6, Episode 12: In this episode, McGee is sent to a woman’s prison to get a confession from a prisoner and ends up being captured during a riot. This is another episode where McGee goes well beyond being the probie and gets to be the tough guy. McGee quickly takes control of the situation in the prison and gets the evidence they need to solve the crime — and gets the confession he was sent for in the first place.


#3 “Cover Story”

Season 4, Episode 10: In this episode, the team is investigating a murder when McGee makes the startling discovery that pieces from his yet-to-be-completed novel are showing up in the crime spree. The truth then comes out about McGee’s novels and the fact that he’s been using the team as inspiration. In the end, with the team backing him up, it’s ultimately McGee who saves Abby’s life from his crazed fan.


#2 “Squall”

Season 10, Episode 19: In this recent episode, we learn a lot more about McGee’s relationship with his father and discover why he hasn’t seen the man in years. McGee’s father was a real piece of work, not only doing whatever he could to disrupt his son’s investigation but also bullying him at every turn. It was great to see Gibbs put the Admiral in his place and also sweet to see father and son somewhat reconciled by the end of the episode.


#1 “Probie”

Season 3, Episode 10: In this episode, McGee is involved in a firefight and ends up killing another person for the first time. Everyone is horrified to discover that the man shot was a cop, but it was great to see how the team rallied around McGee and did what they could to protect him during this very difficult time. Despite the title, in this episode, we saw McGee as more than just a probie.


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