Yes, NCIS season 14 is going to look a bit different without Michael Weatherly‘s Anthony DiNozzo. But there are a couple of new faces (including one introduced last season) to fill the spots left in the team with his departure. One of them is Wilmer Valderrama, coming in as Special Agent Nick Torres. BuddyTV got the scoop from Valderrama at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 on what to expect from his character, his training and more.

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At the time of the interview, he was on day 5 of episode 1 and had already shot a guy off a motorcycle and a car already blew up. “NCIS is going to a very fun place.”

Nick “doesn’t play well with others,” and he clashes the most with Gibbs. He was an undercover agent off the grid for a very long time. He terminated all communication with NCIS so he could go really deep undercover in South America, and when his cover is blown, he’s forced to return to Washington to warn everyone about a possible threat.

“He returns from the shadows and can’t find himself at ease, can’t find himself at home, can’t find himself comfortable,” Valderrama explained. “He’s someone who’s been living a double life for a long time. He’s unstable. He’s a lone wolf. He only knows how to do things one way, and that is based on his own instincts. He’s going to be presented with a different dynamic, and that’s not going to sit well.”

“You know that Nick Torres could add a very different and effective element to the team. But it’s going to take Nick Torres to learn to play with others and that’s going to be a tough road for him.”

Valderrama likens his character to “that angry, hungry wolf that is on that leash, and then when [Gibbs] says, ‘Okay, go,’ [and] unleashes me, then explosive things happen.” 

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NCIS season 14 premieres Tuesday, September 20 at 8pm on CBS.

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