On this episode of Suits, “Back On the Map,” Jessica puts pressure on Harvey to sign an unsavory client, Mike and Kevin vow to protect each other from Frank Gallo and Louis butts head with the firm’s new tenant. 

Mike may have survived Frank’s attempt to kill him, but he is still a target as is his cellmate and new prison pal, Kevin. They agree to have each other’s backs, but as they head off to breakfast, Mike is escorted off to see Julius Rowe, leaving Kevin to fend for himself.

Mike and Kevin Make a Pact

Julius knows that Frank Gallo pulled a knife on Mike, and he wants to know why Mike hasn’t been to see him. Maybe it’s because when Mike came to him for help before, Julius said there was nothing he could do. Julius still has no power over the guards, and Gallo is still paying them off.

Julius urges Mike to file a formal allegation as he’s had two incidents with Gallo. If it goes on record, it triggers an investigation. Mike doesn’t like the idea of every guard and inmate knowing he ratted out Gallo.

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Kevin figures something is up since Mike got dragged to see a counselor first thing in the morning. Kevin also knows that Julius probably wants Mike to inform on Gallo, and Mike’s hesitant to tell him because he doesn’t trust Kevin yet. Mike’s been in prison a sum total of 48 hours, and he’s already seen as much action as the first hour of Cool Hand Luke. It’s no wonder he’s keeping some information to himself.

Kevin says that part of their deal to protect each other includes sharing information. Mike’s bright enough to understand it’s not a good idea to run and tattle on Gallo, but that doesn’t stop Kevin from telling him about his former cellmate, Mark Higgins. Higgins was being harassed by a different asshole, and Julius convinced him to go on record. A few weeks later, Higgins was in a coma. The moral of this story? Don’t trust Julius. 

Heart and Soul

With zero staff and the firm struggling, Jessica orders Louis to sublet the space. Louis being Louis, scares off five possible tenants. He admits to Donna that he can’t bring himself to let another law firm’s lawyers into his bullpen, the heart and soul of the office. 

Donna suggests Louis rent to someone other than other law firms, a business that doesn’t need communal spaces. That way, Louis can keep his bullpen, and his heart and soul, intact.

Gallo has decided the best way to get to Mike is through Kevin, so a few of his minions beat the crap out of the guy when he goes to the bathroom. Kevin took a licking, but he’s determined to keep on ticking which means no trip to the infirmary. If Kevin sees a doctor, that means a report, and a report means Gallo won’t have to worry about taking Mike out because every other inmate will wait in line for the privilege. Kevin says their only choice is to suck it up and take it until Gallo gets someone else in his sights. 

Louis Screws the Pooch

Harvey’s upset he hasn’t heard from Cahill and takes it out on Donna – always a big mistake. Donna has left messages but refuses to sit behind her desk waiting for Cahill to call. She’s hell bent on making sure Louis doesn’t screw the pooch with another possible tenant. And if Pearson Lecter Litt is going to be the firm it once was, Harvey needs to start doing his job which means meeting with a new potential client.

Louis rents out the space to some satellite division of an investment group. Donna’s pissed he made the decision without her after promising this was something they would work on together. Donna warns Louis not to come crying to her when the arrangement blows up in his face.

Louis may have thought he was going to be co-existing with some nice, elderly financial planners, but he gets a rude awakening. The man he spoke to on the phone failed to mention that the head of the satellite division is a middle-aged, obnoxious prick, Stu Buzzini. Stu heads up a division of trader guys who are ass-slapping, crude Wolf of Wall Street wannabees, Louis’ worst nightmare. 

Louis immediately runs to Donna who is enjoying Louis’ predicament. She predicted he’d shit the bed, and that’s exactly what he did by not listening to her. Donna advises Louis to fight his instincts because if he tries to undo this fiasco, not only will he make things worse, Jessica will kill him. 

Harvey Goes Fishing for a White Whale

Harvey meets with William Sutter whose investment firm is worth 2 billion dollars. Sutter is in trouble with the SEC and is likely to be indicted. Harvey knows the guy has nowhere else to go, he’s so guilty no other firm will touch him. But Harvey doesn’t want him either, especially when Sutter points out Pearson Specter and Litt need him. He’s a high-profile client with a lot of money, but he’s also an asshole, and Harvey doesn’t feel the firm’s situation is dire enough to represent Sutter.

Jessica disagrees. She wants a very good reason why they won’t be representing Sutter. Harvey declares that Sutter makes Madoff and Forstman look like saints. He doesn’t want to get involved with another criminal. 

Jessica lays it out for her partner. They’ve filled the office with subletters to give the impression they’re still alive, but if they don’t land a new client and show the world that Pearson Specter Litt is back, they might as well let the dickhead traders have the space for good.

Harvey asks Jessica to give him the chance to land someone else. Jessica gives him 48 hours to deliver, or they’re signing Sutter as a client.

There’s one big fish Harvey has a chance of catching. The guy, Nathan Burns, is a serious dick, but at least he’s not a criminal. Burns won’t just give his business to Harvey, he’s got to earn it.

There’s a company that’s been a pain in Burns’ ass, and he wants Harvey to bring the pain. 

Louis Lays Down the Law

Louis is a ticking time bomb, and he explodes when he discovers his prune juice has been replaced with Red Bulls, and someone has been eating his bran bars. Louis tells Stu he’s in violation of the lease (Only Louis would make a kitchen provision), and if it happens again, Stu and his posse are out of there. There’s a whole thing about Louis being an angry, quivering dildo that I’ll skip, but Louis lays it out for Stu. He’s just waiting for the chance to escort these tenants out the door. 

He Goes or I Go

Mike barges into Julius’ office, demanding he move Gallo to another bloc. Once again, Julius says he doesn’t have the authority. Mike points out this is the second time Julius hasn’t been able to help him after offering to help him. Julius still thinks filing an allegation is a viable alternative, but Mike brings up Mark Higgins. Julius tells Mike he’s out of line. 

Mike apologizes, realizing pissing off his only ally, no matter how impotent, may not be the best move. Mike makes it clear that if Julius can’t get Gallo moved, Mike needs to quit his job in the kitchen. Because while Mike spends two hours peeling potatoes, Kevin is left vulnerable. 

Julius may hate telling Mike no, but he does. Mike can’t just walk away from a job. 

Harvey returns to his office to find Cahill waiting. In a not entirely unexpected turn of events, Cahill can’t touch Gallo. Frank’s got some people in high places protecting him. Frank Gallo is a federal informant. 

Harvey decides to rush to the prison to tell Mike, but Donna reminds him he’s got a dinner date with Burns, and Nathan already warned Harvey that he had one shot to deliver. Harvey leaves it up to Donna to handle the situation because he’s determined to warn Mike. 

Harvey has to break the news to Mike that Cahill’s hands are tied. Gallo isn’t at Danbury because of good behavior, he cut a deal. Harvey has a plan, but Mike has to execute it just right, or things are going to get even worse which Mike is convinced is inevitable, no matter how things play out. 

Who’s the Bigger A-Hole?

Stu comes to Louis to apologize, but Louis hands him an eviction notice. The traders played touch football in the bullpen, and it’s two strikes Stu’s out. The gauntlet has been thrown, and Stu says Louis won’t get away with this, but Louis is pretty confident he will. Don’t mess with a “Harvard goddamn lawyer.”

Harvey arrives for dinner and is turned away at the door of the restaurant. The host gives Harvey a message: being late to dinner was a slap in the face, and Harvey can take his offer and shove it up his ass. 

Harvey blames Donna for dropping the ball, but she swears she spoke to Burns’ secretary, who Donna has known for 12 years, and the woman assured her That Burns said Harvey’s tardiness wouldn’t be an issue. 

Donna suspects someone got to Burns. The only person who can put pressure on an asshole like Nathan Burns is an even bigger asshole, William Sutter. 

Harvey learns that Sutter bought a big chunk of Nathan Burns’ company. He got this information with some help from Stu, and in return, Harvey will help Stu stick it to Louis.

Don’t Make Them Love You, Make Them Fear You

In Rachel news, the aspiring attorney is paying for Mike’s mistakes. It’s no secret her fiance is in jail for fraud, and her classmates in her ethics class have no doubt Rachel knew what Mike was up to. 

Her professor throws her a bone. He wants Rachel to work The Innocence Project. She would get the chance to free an innocent man from death row. It would mean dropping her ethics class. 

Rachel goes to Jessica for advice. She wants to take her professor up on his offer, but she doesn’t want the other students to think she’s afraid of them. Jessica’s advice is for Rachel to make sure all of her classmates fear her instead. 

Rachel takes a stand –the details aren’t important — and she’s able to leave her ethics class with her head held high. And her storyline is about to get a whole lot more interesting since she’ll be working on this new project.

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The Closers

Harvey confronts Burns about Sutter. Harvey knows Sutter is pressuring the board to kick Burns out. But Harvey has a piece of the company too, so Burns can hire him, and they can fight Sutter together, or Burns can go with Sutter and take on Harvey. Either way, it’s war. Burns, who apparently has a man crush on a certain handsome attorney we all know, chooses to take his chances with Harvey. 

Mike goes to Frank with an offer he can’t refuse. Gallo is eligible for parole in six short weeks. It turns out the time he served while awaiting trial wasn’t factored into his sentence. Gallo thinks this is all Harvey’s idea to keep him away from Mike and swears it won’t work. But Mike says Harvey’s idea was to tell everyone on the inside that Gallo is an informant. 

Gallo can spend the next two years thinking of ways to mess with Mike or salvage his life. Lots of ultimatums in this episode. 

Louis finds Stu and the other traders working out of the bullpen and learns that Harvey amended the lease. And Stu may be a douche, but he’s a Yale-educated douche. He assures Louis the new lease is tighter than Louis’ mom’s ass. 

Harvey delivers the news to Sutter that he will never be his lawyer. Sutter threatens Harvey that he’s making an enemy for life. Take a number, pal.

As Harvey and Jessica celebrate landing Burns, Cahill arrives with some big news. Mike can get out early, if he’ll inform on a fellow inmate, Kevin. 

Suits airs Wednesdays at 9pm on USA.

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