Season 2 of Mr. Robot has been so far, so good. There’s been a definite element that is missing from the previous episodes though. In episode 4, Mr. Robot finally finds that element again. Turns out there is a key to Mr. Robot and that key is the Alderson sibling. All that needs to happen to make a fantastic Mr. Robot episode is to get Elliot and Darlene in the same room together and that is exactly what happens here. It certainly helps the episode finally put to bed the Elliot vs. Mr. Robot conflict too. A battle which was preordained and repetitive from the start.

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Brothers and Sisters

The episode opens with a long awaited event. We finally get to see Darlene and Elliot in the same scene, one in flashback and one in present day. Neither is long enough, but that’s too be expected. The only time I would deem a Darlene and Elliot scene “long enough” is if Mr. Robot got rid of every character and just made the show just Darlene and Elliot talking. 

In any case, the flashback scene shows the beginning of fsociety and Elliot really becoming Mr. Robot. The scene is cool for a number of reasons but mainly it is important because it is revealed the fsociety masks come from a horrible horror movie that Darlene and Elliot used to watch as kids. (FYI Mr. Robot team, I need you to make full version of that movie post haste.) We also get to see Rami Malek play Mr. Robot for the first time ever and all the awards need to go to him at the next Emmy’s. 

From back there we jump ahead to present day with Darlene visiting Elliot at their mother’s “home.” (Look I want to be wrong but I’m becoming increasingly convinced that Elliot’s entire life this season is really just a delusion inside a mental hospital.) Elliot tries to tell Darlene that she has to stop fsociety. She is putting herself in danger and Elliot is worried about her. Darlene tells Elliot that she wants to finish what he, well Mr. Robot, started. 

It’s because of his worrying for Darlene that Elliot makes a deal with Mr. Robot. Mr. Robot tells Elliot that he will play a game of chess with him. If Elliot wins, Mr. Robot will leave forever. If Elliot loses, Mr. Robot will take full control. Yup, it’s getting all The Seventh Seal in this business. 

Backed Into a Corner

Darlene meets up with Cisco. You’ll remember him as the member of the Dark Army who is not the awesome (and cross-dressing) B.D. Wong aka the White Rose. Cisco tells Darlene that the Dark Army isn’t behind all the recent murders, at he doesn’t think that they are behind them. Cisco does tell Darlene that the FBI has found the arcade and may have them all under surveillance. She doesn’t take this news well.

Speaking of the White Rose, we are reminded that they are working with Price, the Head of Evil Corp. The two are planning something mysterious and for whatever reason it involves Angela. This might sound like they are leading the doe-eyed sheep to the slaughter but Angela knows what is up. Angela has figured out that Price is using her and she is planning to use him back. Price is not easily cowed however.

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Lastly, in this trio of sad ladies in sadder circumstances, there is Joanna Wellick. The ice is starting to melt on Joanna’s Ice Queen exterior. Don’t worry, she is still terrifying. She is just not as powerful anymore. Joanna can’t get the severance package for Tyrell, who is still missing, this means she isn’t getting any money. When she tries to get the money from Scott, he tells her to screw off because he knows Tyrell killed his wife. Scott is a jerk but he’s not exactly wrong here. Joanna takes a “if you can’t beat him, join them” approach. Joanna decides to live in mediocrity with her new dumb bartender boy-toy who is, of course, is an aspiring D.J. 

I take back what I said about Mr. Robot getting rid of all the characters and just keeping Darlene and Elliot. Joanna needs to be in the mix too. I have no idea why Joanna is sticking around this season besides the actress’ performances, but I don’t care. I love everything about her storyline and how disconnected it is from everything else. 

The Prodigal Son

Elliot begins to imagine a world free of Mr. Robot. It’s a wonderful place where everyone gets along. Everyone is happy and they all love Elliot. So naturally, it is nothing but a pipe dream. Elliot sets up the chess game with Mr. Robot. They play over and over and each time it ends in a stalemate. This is the danger of, ahem, playing with yourself. 

Mr. Robot tells Elliot that he can never get rid of him. They are one in the same. Elliot finally understands and after a call from Darlene pleading for his help, Elliot makes a decision. Elliot goes to Ray and agrees to help with his hacking problem. In reality, Elliot is just there to use Ray’s computer. Darlene tells Elliot about their FBI problem and Elliot decides to hack the FBI. Mr. Robot is back. 

Mr. Robot season 2 airs Wednesdays at 10pm on USA.

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