Audrey’s secret is out and Emma’s not happy in Scream‘s “The Orphanage.” But could finding a dead body together help fix their problems? (Probably not.) Still, that is what the killer sets up for them, at a party thrown at a former children’s home where Piper and someone else they knew spent some time. And by the end of the episode, they have another clue about the killer but someone else is also dead.

Here are the top freak-out moments from “The Orphanage.”

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Emma Dreams She Stabs Audrey, Noah and Kieran — and Wakes up in Her Kitchen Holding a Knife

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It all begins with her finding them in her living room, wanting to talk to her, worried about her. When they follow her into the kitchen, she grabs a knife and stabs them one after the other. Her mother wakes her, and Emma drops the knife.

She then tells Kieran she’s had dreams like it before, but it’s the first time she’s woken up like that.

Emma Goes off on Audrey at School

Audrey tries to talk to Emma and insists she didn’t know it was Piper. Emma doesn’t believe her, arguing that she didn’t want people to blame her, but they should. “I blame you,” she says before shoving Audrey into the lockers.

Sheriff Acosta Tells Maggie About an Incident in Phoenix When Stavo Should Have Freaked Out, But Didn’t

Stavo and his best friend Kyle were messing around with his gun when it went off. Kyle got shot in the face, and Stavo called it in, but Kyle was dead when the Sheriff got there. Rather than reacting like expected, Stavo was “cool as a cucumber” and drawing Kyle dead. There was a question of how long his friend was bleeding before Stavo called it in.

Ms. Lang Screams When Emma and Kieran Visit Her in the Hospital

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As Kieran hangs back and Emma stands over her, Ms. Lang opens her eyes and freaks out.

Zoe Admits She Sent Audrey’s Confession to Herself — and the “Secret Friend” Account is Registered to Her

But Zoe insists the account isn’t hers. Noah believes her; Audrey does not.

Emma and Kieran Discover That Piper and Ms. Lang Knew Each Other

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After flowers are delivered to the hospital for Ms. Lang from “Piper,” Kieran takes her house keys. They find a photo hanging upside down; Piper and Kristin were at Blessed Sisters Children’s Home together. If they were friends and Emma killed Piper, that explains Ms. Lang’s obsession with her.

Noah Realizes His Room Is Bugged

He fell into the killer’s trap and took the camera in the storage unit. The killer has been listening to them, and that’s how he even knew about the recording of Audrey.

The Killer Calls Audrey and Tells Her Noah’s the Next Victim

“I’m sorry Miss Lakewood ruined your virgin, but, unfortunately, that means he has to die. If you want to come pick up the pieces, here’s the address.”

The Killer Throws a Party at Blessed Sisters’ — and Puts Emma and Audrey’s Names on the Invite

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That can only mean one thing: something very bad is about to happen. As Noah puts it, “accepting an invitation to a mysterious party practically ensures a grisly death.”

Hayley Tells Emma Her “Special Friend” Set up the Party — and Then She’s Killed

Her friend prefers to remain anonymous, and all she’ll say is it’s someone she’s seeing. But when that “special friend” finds her in a back room and Hayley tells him it all worked out perfectly and they all showed up like he wanted, he lowers his mask and stabs her.

Emma and Audrey Find Piper’s Body

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