Last Thursday, news broke out that ABC was close to picking up an 18-episode eighth season of the medical comedy series, Scrubs, from ABC Studios.  However, NBC, which is the current home of the show, has been quick to respond to rumors that a deal has already been finalized, with NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios co-chairman Marc Graboff saying that ABC Studios would be in breach of contract if the rumors prove true.

“NBC has a license agreement with ABC Studios, which includes an exclusive right of first negotiation and first refusal to extend the series term beyond this season,” Graboff said in a statement.  “We’re living under the terms of this license agreement and we expect ABC Studios to do the same.”

While NBC has quelled reports that Scrubs is moving to ABC, it maintains that it is still discussing with ABC Studios how the seventh season, which is supposed to be the show’s last, will be resolved.

was able to complete 11 scripts of an 18-episode season before the writers strike began in November.  Six of those have already aired, and the remaining five will be shown during May sweeps.  It is still unclear what NBC’s plans are regarding the installments that have yet to be produced, and whether or not they will be used to give a proper ending to the series.

NBC insiders, however, said that the that options NBC had offered show creator Bill Lawrence to resolve the series were “disappointing” and “just not enough,” including one final episode that would wrap up the storyline or a straight-to-DVD finale.

During this year’s Independent Spirit Awards, held on February 23, Scrubs star Zach Braff said that NBC is still “figuring out how many [episodes] they want.  The studio is figuring out how much they want so… this is the last season.  It’s over but we’re not exactly sure how many more they’re doing.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Variety, TV Guide, E!
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