Singer-actor Drake Bell rose to fame with his lead role in the Nickelodeon hit tween series, Drake & Josh, but now that the show is over, the 21-year-old star is busy spreading his wings, particularly in the film and music industries.

This year alone, Bell will appear in two comedy flicks, both of which will hit theaters in the coming weeks.

“The first film, Superhero!, is out in theaters on March 28,” Bell told  “It is a spoof of the great superhero movies like Spiderman.  I play Rick Riker, who is bitten by a dragonfly and suddenly develops superhero powers.  As Dragonfly, I have super strength, super agility and I can walk on walls.  It is a PG-13 movie, so I hope that some of my fans can enjoy it.”

His other film, College, will come out on April 11.  In the film, Bell plays a high school student who spends the weekend at a college with some friends.

“The day we are to leave on the trip, my girlfriend breaks up with me because I am too boring, so I head off to visit a college campus with something to prove,” he explained.  “We end up staying at the rowdiest fraternity on campus.”

Given the movie’s more mature subject matter, College has been given an R rating, which means that Drake Bell’s younger fans will not be able to go and see it.  For now, those fans can settle for watching the Bell on Drake & Josh, which is currently airing in repeats on Nickelodeon and its sister network, The N.

Drake & Josh opened a lot of doors for me,” he said.  “The people who worked on the show were awesome. We became like a family.  I learned so much from all of them.  They didn’t stifle our ideas or creativity.  In fact, they encouraged it. I even got to have my directorial debut with Drake & Josh.

Bell has also written and performed songs for the show, as well as for its spinoff iCarly.  At present, he is busy working on his next album and performing on several music events around the country.  Recently, he headlined the first Kidfetti Music Festival in Ocala, Florida.  The festival doubled as a charity event for several children’s centers in the area.

“I am really happy to participate in Kidfetti,” he said.  “The work that is done with the proceeds is awesome.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image Courtesy of Drake Bell Official MySpace)


Staff Columnist, BuddyTV