After the Ramona and Jill blow out, Jill is shaking, upset that Ramona wouldn’t take responsibility for any of her behavior. LuAnn, Kelly, Cindy sit with her to reaffirm that “it’s not OK.” Jill decides that she’s Team Brunettes from now on, and it will be “a rotten day in hell” before she makes nice with Ramona.

The blondes console Ramona, and make LuAnn get Ramona her IV of pinot grigio. Alex and Sonja just really want LuAnn out because she does not share their towheaded sameness. In the end, they agree to move forward with their trip plans.

The ladies venture out to see some belly dancing and women dancing with lit candles balanced on their heads. It’s just like America’s Next Top Model! Ramona put money in the dancer’s waistband, and I’m not sure anyone know if that was appropriate or not, nor if anyone cared.

The next day, the women tour a palace. At this point they really must be sick of being together. After asking their tour guide a bevy of questions, the women return and Alex goes to check on Ramona, who stayed behind. Ramona is still upset and “sick over it.” It appears she will never trust/love again. Meanwhile, the brunettes experience henna tattoos.

New Alex has determined that it is time to go a-confronting. She stomps down the stairs of the villa, full of fury. She has become so upset with LuAnn on her trip downstairs that she can barely form words. I’m with the brunettes — it was weird and dramatic. Alex gets frustrated with Kelly, then confronts LuAnn as planned. LuAnn leaves the room, telling Alex to “go back in the cabinet you came out of.” Yes!

Alex is left to defend her weird behavior in front of Kelly and Cindy. Kelly is tired of Alex fighting other people’s battles. Alex flies at Kelly like a bat out of hell to defend her “genuine reaction.” They yell at each other some more, and I feel really bad for the uncomfortable henna tattoo artist sitting there in the thick of it.

Meanwhile, Sonja and Ramona get drunk and try to sneak past the tattoo area to preview the creations that Moroccan designer created for them. Ramona hoists herself into the dress/kaftan, then insults everything this guy spent countless hours laboring on. I am uncomfortable with it.

The blondes decide not to eat dinner with the brunettes, and ask the staff to bring their dinner to them in their rooms. The Countess is not pleased. Alex comes down late, claiming she was not informed of what time dinner supper was being held. Kelly feels uncomfortable, so she ushers Alex out “for her own good.”

Cindy is perplexed. She’s never knew women acted this way, but this is also her first stint on The Real Housewives. I think she hates them. Ramona and Sonja come down, wrapped in blankets, asking what’s for dinner. Ramona claims she arranged a SNACK because LuAnn was rude enough not to, and LuAnn excuses Ramona, who leaves to get their snack plates. OH GOD.

LuAnn and Ramona bicker about dinner/supper/snacks, and just when it seems like this issue will never be resolved, it ends.

It must be a rotten day in hell, because Jill has decided to try to reconcile with Ramona as they’re packing up to leave. They agree to try to be more considerate. Then everyone cooked together and they were fine.

Back in New York, the Husbands play pool and discuss how what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas as though no one has ever heard that before.

Finally the ladies unveil their Moroccan makeup and custom designs. Naturally, the dresses are wonderful, and Kelly ends up in Ramona’s cleavage dress. Yahabibi and goodnight.

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