This is it, people. More to Love guy Luke will have final one-on-one dates with the two remaining women – Tali and Malissa – then in an “emotional” ceremony, proposes to one of them and breaks another’s heart. The questions then: (1) who will it be? and (2) will she accept the proposal?

But because of recent trends in the romantic reality show universe, some more questions beg to be asked: (1) will Luke pick a girl, but ditch her a few weeks later to go for the other girl, then the first girl will join a dancing show? (2) will Luke pick neither girl then reveal that he has a wife of ten years and three kids?

Anyway, on the last episode of More to Love, Luke and Malissa spent practically the whole day and night together, starting off at a wildlife park, some dolphins, making out, questions about levels of commitment from Luke’s end, tops that were probably too revealing for Malissa, more making out, a rose petal-covered bed. There was also an admission that Malissa had the most potential to break his heart.

Just when Luke and the audience thought that it’s Malissa all the way, Tali kind of changed his mind. This date had scuba diving (surprise, surprise, Tali is scared of the ocean), frolicking in the ocean, and a phobia being cured miraculously? By this time, the chemistry and drama between these two made it clear that it would be Malissa and Tali in the finals. Oh, and yeah, there was another rose petal-covered bed.

Finally on the More to Love episode, Mandy and Luke rode in a limo and drove four-wheelers. They then had a picnic outside and talked, a boat ride, and although there was no rose petal-covered bed, there was an air mattress on the boat deck, which was also cool.

– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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