Who was not surprised last week when Veronica let Piz’s outpouring of superior loyalty straight into the arms of unstable playboy Logan? If you said nobody, you’re on my side of the fence. The real thing I’m wondering here is how long can we endure the endless cycle of ‘Will Veronica find out Logan fooled around’ tension – is it right to even call it tension anymore? Maybe Cliché works better. We’re not here to talk about that, we’re here to talk about the aftermath.
Basically, we have part two of the new ‘mini-arc’ formula with Veronica’s daddy tracking down Dean O’Dell’s killer while Veronica helps a hapless soul reunite with a one-night-stand. The mini-arc thing is just making me tired, and the change to the formula is simply devastating for die-hard Veronica fans. It’s not that the show has lost any of its quality, it is just that the stories now seem to be invaded by bursts of info that accelerate the over-arching plot. Worse yet, now the sub-mystery often mysteriously intersects with the mini-arc. These kind of bizarre moments of kismet belong more to shows like Heroes and LOST than Veronica Mars. While the episode did little to make the mini-arch interesting (Keith closing in on the frat-haters who egged O’Dell’s car was a bit too obvious for my tastes), the character interaction was extremely mature, which was a pleasant surprise. Although getting a little tired, the ‘is-he-faithful-or-not’ core of the Logan Veronica universe is finally starting to be dealt with on some realistic terms. (Even though any self-respecting wunderkind would have dumped him eons ago.) With some brooding Leonard Cohen in the background, Veronica tries to coax a confession out of Logan so she can show how grown up she can be about these things; in the process a nice wrinkle in the rape case is exposed – just how did Mercer get back to commit a rape and return to Mexico? The moment passes as a subtle ‘hmmm’, whether there is more to it or not, time will tell. In the end, Logan fesses up to his romp with surfer girl and this rendition of ‘will she find out’ is over. Not entirely without its merits, this episode seemed more and more like the looming shadow of yet another formula change due by the end of the season: single episode only arcs – a move no doubt targeted at gaining a wider audience with a shorter attention span. In terms of bait though, the who killed Dean O’Dell plot pales in comparison to the Lilly Kane conundrum. Here’s hoping Veronica keeps her head above water.

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