CBS didn’t give Moonlight or its fans a long time to prepare for this, the series finale. Earlier this week, when it became official that the show would not be renewed for a second season, tonight’s episode, “Sonata,” became both a season and series finale.

Josef (Jason Dohring) is donating a lot of money to Hearst College, which I pray is a brilliant homage to Veronica Mars. In attendance is Dominic, some big shot basketball star. Beth (Sophia Myles) and Mick are accompanying Josef to the swanky party. Josef introduces them to Simone, his human lady lawyer friend and part-time beverage. As Mick (Alex O’Loughlin) and Beth enjoy a nice date, screams ruin the night as they find Dominic dead, with Simone standing over the body.

At the police station, Beth hears Simone story: she was letting Josef tap her veins and went to the washroom to clean up when she found Dominic. ADA Ben Talbot decides to hold her until he gets the bottom of whatever she’s hiding.

Mick decides to investigate Dominic’s managerial team (husband and wife Emma and Jackson) to find out who’s responsible before the police catch on to the fact that vampires are crawling all over this case. B-positive blood was found on the body, and when Simone is freed, Josef is happy to announce that she is B-negative. As proof, he offers her up to Mick for a taste, and Beth walks in just as he’s enjoying the other woman. Josef and Simone take off to get out of the way of argument, but Beth doesn’t want to talk about it.

They go to investigate one of Dominic’s jealous former teammates Hank. This seems to be a dead end when Guillermo gets his hands on the B-positive blood and learns it’s from a vampire. That puts the suspicion on Dominic’s cheerleader girlfriend Lisa, yet another vampire. Mick talks to her, and she reveals she wasn’t with Dominic that night, but Emma, Dominic’s female manager, was/

At the station, trouble is brewing as Hank says he saw Emma having sex with Dominic and Beth calls up Mick to give him the heads up. Mick goes over to try to protect Emma, otherwise the vampire secret could get out.

The Emma-Jackson vampire marriage, which began when she turned him so they could be together, has Beth thinking. Beth gets Jackson into the station to visit Emma, who is jonesing for some blood. Emma and Jackson talk, and because she can’t stand life in prison, she blackmails Mick to get her out in 24 hours or she’ll give up all the vampires in Los Angeles.

That night, Mick and Josef talk about the possibility of turning Simone, while Simon and Beth have a similar conversation about their desire or lack thereof to be turned. Later, Mick turns Beth away from a secret vampire powwow where everyone is terrified of the inevitable vampire apocalypse should Emma give them up. Mick’s solution is for them to break her out of prison.

Mick and the Moonlight prison break gang plot the extraction, and when it’s all done, Logan just wants to know if his codename can be Lando Calrissian. I think I’ll miss you most of all, Logan, and hopefully David Blue will continue to get work next season. After some snafus, they succeed in getting Emma out, but too bad for her, the Alliance of Leather-Clad Lady Vamps has decided the punishment for threatening to expose the vampire secret is death. Jackson shows up to say his last goodbyes, and he decides that rather than be apart, he wants to die with his vampire wife. They get the flame thrower treatment, together.

All is not well, however, as Ben Talbot gets a mysterious file and a mysterious phone call. It seems someone has given Talbot a list of all known vampires, a list that includes Josef and Mick.

Beth and Mick share one last scene in which they address the inherent problem of her aging, and how she never wants to decide to let Mick turn her. She doesn’t think she can do this anymore, so she lets him go. Mick doesn’t accept this, so he barges back in and says their relationship isn’t about vampire/human, it’s about how they feel. She asks him what she was wearing the first time they met (again), and he remembers because he loves her. They kiss and close the door.

And that’s Moonlight. Beth and Mick are together and someone is conspiring to out all the vampires of Los Angeles. I hope it was Logan.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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