Not exactly the folks-actor, but the folks-character. The actors are yet to be cast.

But yes, the idea of a Criminal Minds spin-off was floated as early as July last year, and now the show is all but greenlit for a fall premiere next year. The people behind Criminal Minds have started looking for actors to fill in these roles. But before you Criminal Minds fans freak out, Executive producer Ed Bernero has previously said that none of the BAU people from the mothership will be shipped to the spin-off.

Here’s the planned cast of characters for the Criminal Minds spin-off:

Cooper – the team leader, he’s a middle-aged alpha male who’s as loyal to his team as he is sketchy about his past. He’s laid so low for almost a decade. Think NCIS Gibbs maybe?

Gina – a thirty-ish woman who escaped the streets of Baltimore, only to end up being sent back to them as an undercover agent. After her father died, she quit the FBI until Cooper re-recruited her.

Mick – a 30-year-old ex-British Special Forces operative and a sniper who’s as good with words as he is with a firearm.

Prophet – also in his 30s, a born-again African-American ex-con (hello, racial profiling) who’s eager to get a clean slate after jail time.

Of course, Criminal Minds is not the first one to do something like this. CSI is notorious for these spin-offs, at least in recent memory, and very lately, NCIS launched NCIS: Los Angeles with moderate success (17 million viewers is moderately successful in the NCIS universe).

Criminal Minds spin-off: win or fail? More importantly, who do you see playing these roles?

Source: Entertainment Weekly, CBS
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