ABC’s Ugly Betty hasn’t just shot up in ratings for its last episode of 2009, but when the new year comes there’s more to celebrate.  Having prided itself in its list of guest stars, the show’s hauling back one of them for its January return. 

Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly reports that the ABC comedy is bringing Jesse Tyler Ferguson back for an episode that marks Betty‘s Wednesday move.  We last saw the actor back in season 1 as our heroine’s orthodontist.  Three seasons later, he’s here again and for good reason.  Are Betty’s braces getting ready to come off?

Ugly Betty creator and executive producer Silvio Horta won’t spell out the answer for the audiences.  However, he did say that Dr. Farkus and Betty are going to have quite an interesting encounter.

“It’s a really fun scene between the two of them,” Horta announced.  ABC had just asked him to come up with a good way to start off the Ugly Betty switch to Wednesdays.  It was an easy decision to bring Jesse Tyler Ferguson back, since he’s been rising to even more fame on one of the network’s hit freshman shows – Modern Family.

“In lieu of a recap, they asked if there was a fun way to start the [episode],” Horta explained.  “So we decided to [bring] Jesse back.”

The Modern Family actor was also quite pleased about the news, updating his own Twitter account to announce such an occasion.  “In NYC,” Ferguson wrote.  “Here to check up on a certain patient I haven’t seen in a few years.”

Lucky for us, 2010 is just a couple or so weeks away.  At 10pm on January 6, we witness the reunion of Betty (America Ferrera) with her orthodontist at last.  Whether we see her pearly whites yet or not, it’s still a treat to know that Jesse Tyler Ferguson has returned to Ugly Betty.

Source:, Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Twitter
(Image Courtesy of ABC)

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