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Perhaps a spin-off? Whichever you prefer, the prognosis appears grand and let us tell you why.

Over a month ago, executive producer Kelly Sounders shared her hopes for a 10th season and urged fans to spread the word about the greatness that is Smallville. How did you respond? With a resounding ‘YES!’

In our online poll, we asked whether you wanted another season and not only did 757 of you vote, 92% of you chose ‘Definitely.’ Quite the overwhelming response–and not merely a passive one either.

Following Souders’ challenge, ratings soared. That same week, “Kandor” achieved a season high, producing the best performance by the series in over a year with 2.63 million viewers. Further proving your dedication and determination, the very next week “Idol” climbed again, scoring an audience of 2.7 million. The mid-season finale, “Pandora,” dropped slightly with 2.45 million live viewers, but earned redemption by rising 82% among adults and gaining nearly 1.3 million viewers total after the addition of DVR playback.

So how do these increased ratings affect the future of the citizens of Metropolis? Just ask E! Online who recently reported that they “have it on good authority the CW most definitely wants a 10th season. Smallville is kicking gluteus maximus in the ratings.”

Admittedly, without any official announcement from the CW, all this talk of another season remains mere speculation and heresy–until you factor in the latest online buzz.

YVRFilm hosts a twitter account providing details regarding the filming locations and schedules of productions in the greater Vancouver area. That includes Smallville! And earlier this week, YVR tweeted this intriguing tidbit: Smallville has purchased more surrounding buildings to expand their Burnaby studio space.

That is quite the investment, considering Smallville has less than 10 episodes left to film for this, its ninth season. Is this physical proof, perhaps, that Clark, Chloe, Lois and Oliver may grace our television screens for a full decade? Or is a spin-off taking its place? Tell us what you think!

-Trish Neale, BuddyTV Fan Columnist

Source: E! Online, TVbythenumbers

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