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Anyone else want to end the year 2009 on a positive note?  Hence my making my “Top 9 in 2009” best Cuddy moments.  They’re from all seasons, but the nine idea works for the countdown.  

9.  At Cuddy’s door in “Insensitve”

Anytime House is clearly after Cuddy, I know I’ll be a content House viewer.  This one was particularly funny, with Cuddy stepping forward, literally and metaphorically and asking House point blank if he liked her.  I’m a fan of House realizing she was braless and Cuddy admitting to liking sex and asking House if she should stitch a letter on her tops.  Any literary reference (The Scarlet Letter) is welcome in my book.  Watching House’s face as the door closed was disappointing as usual, and again, the viewers sigh, just hoping for the two characters to sack up and admit their feelings for one another. 

8. “Let them Eat Cake”

I couldn’t even pick a particular scene in this episode.  Starting with Cuddy sliding into the elevator, Huddy fans were treated to an entire episode filled with fabulous, angsty scenes.   Her wardrobe choices and her clear flirting would be enough for this episode to be great, but then we get the desk House set up for Cuddy from medical school (fans can only speculate on the significance of that one) and the near-miss kiss/boob-grab.  Cuddy’s vulnerability in this episode to House was about as emotionally open as we get and House managed to sincerely screw things up.  Even he’s aware of it and as the camera zooms out, we see House’s posture and mannerisms change into a slouch and we hear an indecipherable mutter that sounds strikingly similar to an inappropriate word starting with the letter “f.” Thank God for that desk.  

7.  Hallucination scenes in “Under my Skin”

It took me about two weeks after the end of season five for my anger over the fact that House hallucinated his night with Cuddy to subside.  To ease my pain, the producers of House manufactured the detox scenes that Huddy fans would be rewatching for weeks.  I place these scenes closer to the end of my list because they weren’t real.  Even though they do speak to what House wants in life, the sex didn’t happen and I opted to place the genuine moments higher on the list (minus the strip scene in “House’s Head” that just had to be close to the top).  All the hallucination did for us fans was mercilessly tease us.  Okay, okay.  It also gave us the satisfaction of seeing our favorite two characters finally do the deed.  

6.  Admittance to one-night affair in “Top Secret”

Finally, we get the truth!  Oh, wait.  Not the whole truth.  Just a small portion of House and Cuddy’s sordid past only to wait three more years for the rest to be revealed.  I love that in this scene we again see House trying to make fun of Cuddy only for Cuddy to completely call him out on his feelings for her.  This is the first time we hear that they actually did have sex once, and then that’s all we get.  Although Cuddy tells him hands off, it’s clear to me when she walks away laughing that her actions are encouraging his continuous flirting.  

5. Cuddy by House’s side holding his hand in “Wilson’s Heart”

This is my more subtle choice for the countdown.  I loved that Cuddy was by House’s side every minute he was unconscious.  She’s saved him multiple times throughout the seasons and this scene just demonstrates her dedication to him.  I love that even while she slept, she held his hand.  

4. Strip scene in “House’s Head”

Yes, it might have been a ratings stunt for Fox.  But hey, it worked!  I was even more enthralled by the prospect of a House and Cuddy get together after it was so clear that House wanted Cuddy for more than her smarts and doctoring skills.  Little did we know Lisa Edelstein had the moves, the body, or the balls to do that strip scene, but it will be something us House fans won’t forget.

3. Injection scene in “Who’s Your Daddy?”

I love that Cuddy trusted House enough to let him in on what she was doing, even if he did figure it out on his own in the episode before.  Speaking of, is it odd or cute that he figured out by observing Cuddy when her periods were?  Anyway, we see a clear level of trust between these two characters in this scene and an even clearer physical attraction on House’s end.  Later in the episode we’re also treated to Cuddy most likely wanting to ask House to be her donor, but in the end she walks out without getting what she came for.

2.  80’s dance in “Known Unknowns”

Finally, some back story!  Is it better to know or not know?  For the viewers, I vote it’s better to know the circumstances of House and Cuddy’s meeting one another.  I’m glad that both of them each thought they were the pursuer and although it’s unfortunate that Cuddy just thought it was a one night stand for 20 years, at least she knows the truth now, that House wanted her then and is honestly pursuing her now (even if she is rejecting him at every opportunity).  Points also for picking out great nostalgic costumes and music for a throw-back scene.

1.  Kiss in “Joy”

My number one moment goes to the only real kiss these two characters have shared on screen.  It was real, raw, and angsty which was the perfect recipe for anyone who loves the two of them to go completely insane.  Of course the only way the two of these characters would be brought together physically is through pain.  This is why the writers are so respected while simultaneously hated.  No swelling of the music, no sex, just one kiss after five seasons.  I love that the only kiss we see between the two happens when Cuddy looks her worst, one of the only times we see her looking less than fabulous.

I know there are many more moments between these two characters I’d love to mention, but I was only given 9 choices and these are mine.  Which would you choose?

-Lisa B. Palmer, BuddyTV Fan Columnist

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