A lot of loopholes and questions were left unanswered when Dexter concluded its fourth season, and as we head into the fifth season, it’s obvious that the new direction of the show will only get darker and complicated now that Dexter Morgan is forced to deal with a tragic loss and a haunting image that will change his life forever— all courtesy of Trinity.

Though the Dexter writers will likely not begin to brainstorm for the new season until February of next year, executive producer Sara Colleton tells TVGuide.com what might possibly happen, or at least be discussed in the writers’ room, for Dexter season 5.

Read on for those and other Dexter Season 5 spoilers and theories as we get a hold of them!
Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

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Producer Hints at Dexter Season 5:

TV Guide spoke with Colleton about the Season 4 cliffhanger, and where it might pick up again in Season 5:

TVGuide.com: Are you nervous about writing or casting a villain that can live up to or surpass John Lithgow? Might you do without a villain this season?
That’s something that’s on the table to discuss because of the awesomeness of what Dexter has to deal with on an emotional level. Obviously there’s going to be an investigation into who killed Rita and the number– and Dexter is going to be involved in that.

TVGuide.com: Were you about to say that Dexter might be the No. 1 suspect in his wife’s murder?
If you know anything about crimes, usually a spouse is involved. We may jump ahead six months and it could be all handled. What we wanted to do is give ourselves something that gave us the widest range of possibilities. It’s so intense on a show like this, so emotionally draining, and we have a scant couple of months before we get in a room again, so all of these things are up for discussion.

If Dexter does turn out to be a suspect in Rita’s murder, it would be interesting to see how he gets himself out of this big mess. After all, it would be hard to have a solid alibi for the hours leading up to the murder, and it doesn’t help that he’s had a series of violet outbreaks involving his sneaky neighbor and Quinn. And more importantly, as Colleton points out, “Dexter can’t say that he knows Trinity killed Rita and that he just killed Trinity.”

Dexter Season 5 Speculation and Predictions:

Our own John Kubicek has some unanswered questions from the season 4 finale that could very well serve as a jumping-off point for the Dexter writers when they begin working on season 5. But where will the questions lead them?

Here are his main worries. Read the article at the link above for Kubicek’s full investigation of the questions surrounding Rita’s death and Dexter’s connection to Trinity.

  • How will Dexter explain his connection to Trinity if Trinity’s family reveals that their friend “Kyle Butler” was around on the day of the house raid? Will they be able to positively ID Dexter as Kyle?
  • Will anyone at the station remember or recognize (or see on security video) Arthur from his visit to the police station–where he had a confrontation with Dexter?
  • Will anyone suspect that it was more than a coincidence that the Trinity Killer’s latest victim is also the wife of Dexter Morgan?
  • Deb isn’t one to let things go–so how deep will she dig, and will she eventually put together the real connection between Dexter and the Ice Truck Killer?

AOL TV’s Jane Boursaw makes five predictions for how Dexter Season 5 could pick up after Rita’s horrific murder. Which of these sound plausible, and could make for a good season of television?

1. Dexter will still be a family man, because he’ll have baby Harrison, as well as Rita’s kids. If the writers are truly going to re-set things, though, it seems like they’ll at least shuffle the older kids off with the grandparents (although … wasn’t Rita’s mother estranged? Perhaps they worked things out before they picked up the kids in the finale).

2. Dexter will be angry at the world — and himself.
He’s not only lost his connection with Rita, but also his weird connection with the Trinity Killer. They’re really not as different as he might have imagined. This is, in fact, his fate. This is who he is. As Hall noted in the live chat, “Undoubtedly, Dexter is permanently changed going forward because of what Trinity has done, because of Rita’s murder. And I think for the first time, that Dexter will be saddled with this appetite for vengeance that can’t be sated. Perhaps he’ll slam shut every door he’s opened in terms of his vulnerable, emotional human self.”

3. Dexter will cut and run because of the questions surrounding Rita’s murder.
How will he explain it to Debra and the world? She’s getting ever closer to lifting the veil on his secret life, and Rita’s death — and the way she was murdered — will undoubtedly bring up lots of questions, especially now that Debra knows Dexter’s true heritage.

4. He’ll be a completely changed man, because he won’t want Harrison to suffer the same fate as him.
When Dexter saw Harrison crying in that pool of blood, it was as if history was repeating itself in the next generation. Could Dexter really be a white picket-fence guy with no “dark passenger”? Maybe we’ll see him struggling with a lifestyle makeover.

What do you hope or expect to see next season on Dexter? Feel free to add your own thoughts and theories in the comments!


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