This morning, ABC revealed to EW which former Bachelor and Bachelorette cast members have moved back into the mansion for the chance to strip, kiss, play and manipulate their way to the $250,000 Bachelor Pad cash prize. And, along the way, the network promises lots of “fireworks, drama, romance and endless possibilities” from the all-star cast of cast-offs (and one former star of the show!), which, as you can see below, really is full of “those we love and those we love to hate.”

Here’s the cast of Bachelor Pad 2, which will see Chris Harrison returning solo as host (no Mellisa Rycroft this time) when the second season premieres on August 8:

The Women:

  • Gia Allemand, 26, model: competed on The Bachelor season 14 with Jake Pavelka, and the only returning Bachelor Pad cast member. Notably, last season she showed up with a professional athlete boyfriend and [emotionally] cheated on said boyfriend with Wes Hayden. She’s currently dating another pro athlete.
  • Holly Durst, 28, children’s book author: competed on The Bachelor: London Calling with Matt Grant, formerly engaged to fellow Bachelor Pad contestant Michael Stagliano.
  • Vienna Girardi, 25, unemployed: “won” The Bachelor season 14, only to publicly implode in an infamous interviewwith ex-fiance Jake, whom she accused (among other things) of withholding sex and hating her dog. She’s now dating fellow Bachelor Pad contestant Kasey Kahl and is rumored to have major beef with Gia.
  • Jackie Gordon, 27, assistant teacher: competed on The Bachelor season 15 with Brad Womack, during which she went on a ridiculous Pretty Woman-inspired date that started with a day of pampering and ended with Brad and her dancing to a live concert by Train.
  • Michelle Money, 30, hairstylist: competed on The Bachelor season 15, during which she threw a birthday tantrum, woke up with a mysterious black eye, attempted to seduce Brad at every turn and ended up crying at the Women Tell All when no one seemed to understand that all her aggressive, threatening talk during the show were “jokes.”
  • Ella Nolan, 31, hairstylist: competed on The Bachelor season 14, during which she, Jake and her son went on an awkward Sea World date, and then he dumped her on a two-on-one and dramatically threw her rose into the fire. She recently called off her engagement.
  • Erica Rose, 28, student: competed on The Bachelor season 9 with Lorenzo Borghese as well as VH1’s You’re Cut Off. An apparent fan of tiaras, lip injections and attention.
  • Melissa Schreiber, 32, waitress: competed on The Bachelor season 15 for a brief time, during which she managed to embarrass herself by surprise-kissing Brad in a “cougar” costume during a group date and instigating a childish “feud” with fellow contestant Raichel over who-knows-what.
  • Alli Travis, 25, buyer: competed on The Bachelor season 15. Most notable for her complete lack of chemistry with Brad Womack, which is probably a positive indicator of her personality. She’s also insanely afraid of bugs.

The Men:

  • Graham Bunn, 32, entrepreneur: a fan favorite from The Bachelorette season 4 with DeAnna Pappas.
  • Kirk Dewindt, 27, personal trainer: competed on The Bachelorette season 6 with Ali Fedotowsky. He was eliminated after the hometown dates, during which he introduced Ali to his father’s memorable basement taxidermy workshop.
  • Kasey Kahl, 27, entrepreneur/philanthropist: competed on The Bachelorette season 6, when he got his infamous tattoo and sang all those improv pop ballads to Ali. He’s currently dating Vienna Girardi.
  • Jake Pavelka, 33, pilot: Past credits include contestant on The Bachelorette 5 with Jillian Harris, star of The Bachelor season 14, former fiance to Vienna, former contestant on Dancing with the Stars and current cast member of VH1’s summer show about washed up “celebrities” opening a restaurant together, Famous Food. He apparently still flies airplanes sometimes.
  • Justin “Rated-R” Rego, 27, sales: competed on The Bachelorette season 6, during which he hobbled off in shame after Ali discovered he had two girlfriends waiting for him back home in Canada. Even without the secret girlfriends, he is one smarmy, sketchy dude.
  • Michael Stagliano, 27, entrepreneur: the energetic break dancer who competed on The Bachelorette season 5 with Jillian Harris and recently ended his engagement to fellow Bachelor Pad contestant Holly Durst.
  • Mystery Men #1, #2 and #3: Three men from Ashley Hebert’s current season of The Bachelorette will round out the men’s side, bringing the numbers to nine women and nine men.

Cast-offs from the current Bachelorette season already include many memorable guys, including Drunk Tim, Anthony, the small town butcher from Jersey and Jeff the Mask. After his disastrous roast of Ashley last week, I also don’t think William is long for The Bachelorette, but his lack of judgment would make a great (-ly entertaining) addition to Bachelor Pad. Which men from Ashley’s season do YOU think should fill out the Bachelor Pad cast?

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