Anthony Weiner isn’t the only over-exposed guy having the worst week ever. Bentley Williams, whose dishonest antics led to a brokenhearted Ashley this Monday on The Bachelorette, is still making headlines as the worst contestant in the show’s history.

Bentley himself is probably deep down in an internet-free foxhole, but everyone else associated with The Bachelor has happily offered their comments on his controversial exit. Here’s the quick and dirty on all the dirt getting thrown Bentley’s way, and the details about when we’ll see his mug pop back up on the show. Plus: Rumor has it that Ashley’s post-Bachelorette life may be less about dental drilling and more about dancing…

Let’s kick it off with the best quote of the day! Wes Hayden to Extra: When asked what he’d tell Ashley about Bentley, former worst Bachelor bad boy Wes weighed in, “He’s not into her. She’s got to move on.” Ha. Good “advice.” Classic Wes. Very helpful. Thanks so much. 

His Ex-Wife on Access Hollywood: “He is a great guy in a lot of ways. That show brought out, unfortunately, a bad side of him. I don’t know.” First she dealt with Bentley for a few years, and now she has to deal with Billy Bush for a whole six minutes? Poor Suzette! She also didn’t have anything mind-blowing to share about his behavior. You get the sense that she’s keeping her mouth shut to protect her daughter, which is understandable and admirable. But why go on the show at all, if all she’s going to say is that he’s a good dad, and she has no idea what’s going on beyond that? Oh, to sell kids’ hair pieces! Well, sure. They’re cute! You go and get yours, Suzette. You deserve it! 

Emily Maynard: “It’s hard for me to believe that someone could be that hurtful and just mean spirited.” Bless her dear heart, Emily Maynard can’t fathom that anyone could go on reality TV and be so despicable, so she wants to give Bentley the benefit of the doubt. But I doubt she’d give him her phone number while she’s at it. And I’m definitely with Emily on one thing: “I’m really hoping we can stop focusing on all the negative, and focus on all the great guys that she does have there.” I wish that were in the cards, but again, us cynics know better. (See below.)

Ashley S. tells it like it is: “I hate Bentley.” You tell him, girl!

People are leaving death threats at Bentley’s business: Whoa, everybody, calm down. Calm dooooown. Please stop leaving death threats and calling the family trampoline establishment at which Bentley is a part owner and telling the poor lady who works there that you hope her business crumbles and that her life is ruined. THAT IS UNCALLED FOR. You’re making the rest of us look bad, but more importantly, you are being crazy and mean people because you thought that guy was so crazy and mean! Stop that!

Bentley returns to The Bachelorette in Hong Kong: So. OK. Here we go again. Life & Style says (I know, I know…) that when Ashley travels to Hong Kong with her remaining guys in week 6, Bentley will fly all the way to Asia so she can get some much needed “closure,” or another chance with him, or something. But here’s the fun part: They talked to Bentley’s “friend,” who said producers “begged” him to go, and Bentley took the trip because he wanted the free vacation. It’s pretty hard to tell who in that previous sentence looks worse, but I think it’s the producers. Blame them when Bentley pops back up in a couple weeks. I know I will. But at least it sounds like he won’t be staying long. (Here’s what’s happening on The Bachelorette next week.)

Ashley might be on Dancing with the Stars: I mean, if she wants to. And for the chance to follow in the illustrious footsteps of Trista Sutter, Melissa Rycroft and Jake Pavelka, why wouldn’t she want to? Who needs a dental degree when you can have extend your reality TV fame a little longer?

Speaking of which: Don’t forget to check out the updated Bachelor Pad 2 cast list.

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