The outcome of week 2 on Big Brother 13 is pretty obvious. With veteran Jordan winning HoH, another newbie team will definitely be nominated and one of hem will be evicted. And since we know that Kalia and Shelly voted with the veterans, there are only four people in real danger.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Adam and Dominic are nominated.

The veterans are very clear that Dominic is their target, and they’re already plotting to get Adam to throw the PoV competition just like they did with Porsche last week.

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I’m hoping that Adam is a worthy enough player not to be so passive and to fight to win so he and Dominic are safe. In a perfect world, Cassi and Shely would get picked to play in the veto competition and win, saving Adam and Dominic and forcing Kalia and Lawon to go on the block, where there’s at least a chance that Kalia could get evicted.

But that won’t happen, and instead, the veterans will get exactly what they want again. When one alliance gets exactly what they want time and time again, Big Brother gets boring to me, so I really hope there’s a monkey wrench thrown into their plans at some point soon.

What do you want to see happen this week on Big Brother 13?

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