The first week of Big Brother 13 belonged to the veterans, with Rachel as the first HoH, Brendon and Rachel winning the first PoV, and Keith getting evicted after Kalia, Shelly, and Porsche all agreed to team up with the veterans and turn their backs on the newbies.

'Big Brother 13' Spoilers: Who Are the Have-Nots for Week 2?

The second week got off to another rough start for the new kids as Jordan won HoH. But it wasn’t all bad, since Lawon, Kalia, Cassi, and Shelly finally ended their term as Have-Nots, meaning they could once again eat real food. Friday saw the new Have or Have-Not competition, which means a new group of HGs will be sleeping in the padded room, eating slop, and taking cold showers.

The Have-Nots for the week are Adam, Dominic, Shelly, and Cassi. It sounds like the competition was one where the HGs had to eat disgusting things because Rachel was sticking her finger down her throat to puke during the challenge (which should make for some nauseating TV on Sunday). It’s good to see Rachel is keeping it classy.

Also, after America’s Vote, the Have-Nots for this week also get to enjoy Jelly Beans and Jerky. That’s a pretty good deal since they at least get some type of protein.

This just seems cruel and unusual at this point, since it’s obvious that Dominic and Cassi are the two primary targets for the veterans. So the veterans get all the power, they get everyone to do whatever they want, none of them are Have-Nots, and the people who they want to get out are on slop for the week. No matter what happens for the rest of the season, Brendon and Rachel aren’t allowed to complain about it not being fair, because everything is going their way for now.

Being stuck as Have-Nots for a second week is bad enough for Shelly and Cassi, but for Adam, a week without bacon is a fate worse than death. Maybe the fact that he can eat jerky will compensate since it’s sort of similar.

Right now, I just feel bad for Cassi and Dominic. Their Regulators alliance is dead, they are the biggest targets for the veterans and now they’re stuck with slop, cold showers, and a padded room where the lights never go off. They are getting royally screwed by showing up on a season with this lame returning couples twist.

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