“Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” is an upcoming Disney Channel animated series. The show, inspired by a 2016 Marvel comic book of the same name, has a February 2022 release date.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” and the cast and characters in the comic book and TV show.

About Marvel’s “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” 2016 Comic Book and 2022 TV Show

In the Marvel Comics series created by Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare, Lunella Lafayette is a brilliant 9-year-old girl who’s quick on her feet and possibly the smartest character in the Marvel Universe. (After all, she’s the only person who has ever solved the Banner Brain Omnicompetence Examiner, an intelligence test created by Bruce Banner. And even he couldn’t solve it!)

Lunella’s world goes haywire when her latest invention, the Omni-Wave Projector, accidentally causes an angry red dinosaur seeking revenge to travel to New York City through a portal.

The comics follow the girl super genius’ journey as the displaced dino — named the Devil Dinosaur — serves as a distraction from her research and takes her mind off her fear and anxiety of her own Inhuman genes, which make her feel alienated from others. Over time, the dinosaur, who is also Inhuman, becomes a trusted friend and sidekick of Lunella — aka Moon Girl — who eventually embraces her Inhuman side.

The unlikely duo works together to keep NYC’s Lower East Side safe. Lunella’s significant intelligence is her primary power. She uses it to build and create an arsenal of gadgets. She often appears in her “battle armor,” which is boxing headgear, goggles, suspenders, a computerized utility belt, a backpack, and optional weapons. Her outfit is completed by her roller skates. 

The girl also has a mental link with the Devil Dinosaur, thanks to her Inhuman DNA, and she can switch consciousness with the creature at specific times, like when she’s angry or hungry. She can also speak while her consciousness has taken over the T-Rex’s body due to her intellect.

There’s also some question about her strength. While she seems to have some amount of super-strength, there’s some uncertainty about the extent of it, especially when compared to her intellect and her ability to make cool and useful gadgets and take over the mind of a dinosaur.

The development of the animated version of the comics — produced by Laurence Fishburne, Emmy Award-winner Steve Loter of “Kim Possible,” Helen Sugland’s Cinema Gypsy Productions, and Marvel Animation — for Disney Channel Worldwide was announced in 2018. Jeff Howard and Emmy Award-winner Kate Kondell serve as co-producers of the show and story editors, while another Emmy Award-winner, Rodney Clouden, is supervising producer.

Not much has been released about the show’s plot, but it will likely follow the comic book. However, there are several differences between the comics and the animated series. One of the biggest changes is the age of Lunella. In the comics, she’s 9 years old at the start of the storyline, but the TV show will portray her as a 13-year-old girl.

A character named Casey is her best friend on the animated show, but the character doesn’t appear in the comic books. There’s also no mention of her origin story in any of the press that’s come out about this show. Fans will just have to wait until the show comes out to see how faithful it is to the comics.

Characters of the “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” Comic Book Series in 2016

Here’s a list of characters from the “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” comics:

  • Lunella Lafayette/Moon Girl: This genius child and vigilante superhero is the protagonist of the series.
  • Devil Dinosaur: Although in the wrong time and place, this dinosaur is a close friend and ally of Lunella. They bond over their Inhuman abilities.
  • Mr. Lafayette: Lunella’s father.
  • Mrs. Lafayette: Lunella’s mother.
  • Coach Hrbek: This gym teacher at Public School 20 Anna Silver, Lunella’s school, accidentally activated her Omni-Wave Project, which brought the Killer-Folk and the Devil Dinosaur to present-day NYC.
  • Ms. Dominguez: A science teacher at Public School 20 Anna Silver.
  • Eduardo and Zoe: Classmates of Lunella’s. They were among the students she and the Devil Dinosaur saved when their school caught on fire.
  • Marvin Ellis/Mel-Varr/Captain Kree: A young Kree who poses as a transfer student at Lunella’s school to kill Moon Girl — whom he considers to be a weak Inhuman target — and earn his father’s approval.
  • Forge: A genius mutant with mystical powers who was interested in Lunella’s research into Terrigen Mist and tried to give her a modified X-Men Blackbird.
  • Amadeus Cho: A genius given the title of “Mastermind Excello” who proclaimed Lunella to be the “smartest person in the whole world.”
  • Demolisher: This new Wrecking Crew member was hired to attack Moon Girl.
  • Gurf, Rachacha, Tharg, Thok, and Thorn-Teeth: Members of the Killer-Folk tribe.
  • Leviathon Mother: This large, imposing creature controls the Leviathon Tide, an assembly of monsters that invades Earth.
  • Stegron: Curt Connors’ former assistant who augmented his body using stegosaurus DNA.
  • The Unspoken: A former monarch of the Inhumans. He was overthrown by the foursome of Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon, and Karnak.
  • Super-Skrull: Emperor of the Skrull Empire, he is an artificially augmented skrull given each of the abilities of the Fantastic Four.

Cast and Characters of “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” in the 2022 TV Series

In the TV series, which boasts an amazing voice cast, roller-skating girl genius Lunella Lafayette and her larger-than-life T-Rex sidekick, Devil Dinosaur, also take center stage.

Actress and singer Diamond White stars as Lunella, while Fred Tatasciore, who was part of “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble,” takes on the role of the Devil Dinosaur. Here are some other characters — and the actors who play them — expected to appear in the animated series:

  • James Jr.: Jermaine Fowler plays Lunella’s dad.
  • Adria: Sasheer Zamata will play Lunella’s mom.
  • Pops: Gary Anthony Williams takes on the role of Lunella’s grandfather.
  • Mimi: Alfre Woodard, who appeared in “Luke Cage,” plays Lunella’s grandmother.
  • Casey: Libe Barer takes on the role of Lunella’s best friend and manager.
  • Beyonder: Series executive producer Laurence Fishburne, who was in “Ant-Man and The Wasp,” plays the recurring role of the Beyonder, a mischievous trickster.

It’s unknown which other characters might appear on the show as the first season progresses.

Where Can You Watch Episodes of “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur”?

“Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur” is one show among an impressive slate of Marvel programming developed for Disney. The show will air on the Disney Channel and also be available for streaming on Disney Plus.

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