Last week on Make Me A Supermodel, Stephanie Bulger, Frankie Godoy and Ronnie Kroell were put up for the vote because they failed to impress the judges in their acting abilities.

Ben DiChiara wakes Ronnie up on the day of the elimination and gives his special guy pal a lucky blue pendant to ensure that he’ll be safe. In the other boys’ room, Casey Skinner and Perry Ullmann want Ronnie to get the boot, and they both just want their boy Frankie to make it through to next week.

The bottom three models go to the Make Me A Supermodel runway and stand before the judges to hear America’s verdict. Niki Taylor tells Frankie that he’s safe. Tyson Beckford gets to give the bad news that Stephanie must go home, which means that Ronnie is safe. We don’t get to hear whether the judges agree with America’s decision, however, but I suspect that they would agree.

Back at the house, Holly Kiser expresses that she wants Stephanie to come home, and thinks Jacki Hydock isn’t human because of her inability to show any real emotions.

It’s touch-up time for the models, so everyone gets their hair trimmed. All except for Frankie, who needs to get it all chopped off. He has a hard time dealing with the prospect of not having Fabio hair—maybe he keeps all of his mojo in his hair? He looks so much better after his cut, though. It’s more like a shaggy sk8tr boi kind of ‘do and it’s much improved.

The models sit around the house and discuss their fears. Perry’s biggest fear is bugs and spiders. Ronnie’s fear is George Bush. Holly has a lot of fears, including butt cracks and various and sundry other items. Casey’s biggest fear is giant snakes, and Frankie agrees. Unfortunately for them, they’ll have to pose with one for their photoshoot this week. The models get up at the butt crack of dawn (hope Holly doesn’t freak out) and they go out to an airfield with a huge black tank filled with water. Niki explains that for their David Bowie-esque photoshoot, they will have to pose underwater, making it look like they live there, all while holding a gigantic snake named Lemon. Didn’t they do a snake photoshoot in cycle 1 of America’s Next Top Model too?

Turns out that Perry is afraid of snakes as well, but keeps it under control. Jacki has trouble controlling her movements at first, but she gets the hang of it. Frankie has a couple of great shots, too, and really impresses the photographer. Ben struggles with not squinting his eyes. Ronnie is the most at home in the water, and elicits a great “Yes! Yes! Yes!” from the photographer. I bet Ronnie wants to hear Ben say that too. Casey meditates for a while before getting into the tank to ease his fear of snakes. He takes a good long while getting into the water, but he eventually does really well. Holly is really sick this week and hates snakes to boot, so it’s extra-hard on her. Shannon Pallay has a hard time staying underwater and holding her breath. The photographer wasn’t really impressed with any of the girls at all.

For the Make Me A Supermodel runway show this week, Niki tells them that they have to work with giant…..head pieces. Everyone thought she was going to pull a giant Brazilian cockroach or the like out of the box. Well, they don’t have to work with roaches, but they will have some other kinds of animals as runway partners. Tyson brings out all manner of two- and four-legged creatures, mostly farm animals. The models get to have practice walks with their anipals before the runway show, and it does not look pretty. Let’s just say that these little guys aren’t potty trained.

Holly walks carrying a peacock. Casey has a white goat on a leash, and Jacki has a white poodle on a leash. Ben carries a ginger-colored goat. Frankie has a white duck with a bow-tie around his neck, which I absolutely adore. Perry trades in a stubborn pig for an even more recalcitrant goat. He sort of struts and shimmies down the runway, displeasing the judges with his cocky attitude, because the goat refuses to walk. Shannon likes her white goat, and Ronnie’s sheep makes its grand debut on the runway.

After some deliberation, the judges bring out all eight models. In the top of the pack are Casey, Frankie and Ronnie, and Ronnie is the winner this week! A huge improvement for him after being in the bottom three last week. Ben, Perry and Jacki are up for the vote this week.

I really can’t decide which model to vote for. Ben is totally my boy, but he just hasn’t shown very much improvement of late. Perry is a great model, but he’s just a tad egoïste, n’est-ce pas? As for Jacki, I agree with the judges that she hasn’t been excelling and is resting on pretty.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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