Last week’s Make Me A Supermodel saw the second all-male bottom three in a row. What’s going on, men? Casey Skinner, Ben DiChiara and Ronnie Kroell put their fates in the hands of America, and tonight we will see which must immediately end his quest toward becoming a supermodel. Casey has not proven to the judges yet that he has the confidence and poise to become the next Tyson Beckford. Ben has not yet let go of his fish-out-of-water attitude and has continued to have lackluster performances. Ronnie, however, is probably the most talented model of the three, but this far into the competition, even the slightest slip-up could cost him. Who will be going home next?

The bottom three present themselves before Tyson, Niki Taylor, Cory Bautista and Jennifer Starr. Ronnie is safe, and now it is between Casey, who is again wearing his crazy tailed jacket with the gold epaulets and Ben. The one to leave is Casey. This makes me sad because Casey really does have so much potential. Cory Bautista tells Ben that he thinks America voted wrong and that Ben should have been the one voted out.

Back at the ranch, Shannon Pallay gets on her high horse, saying how much better her attitude is than Perry Ullmann’s. Perry, however, is sad because his boys, Frankie and Casey, are both gone. Holly Kiser mimes shooting the male competition down with a shotgun. Just then, Niki and Tyson pay a visit to the ranch to give them a small taste of all the glamorous jet-setting that is ahead of them if they become supermodels. They will be heading to New Orleans, where a very important photoshoot awaits them. Ben is excited to be going back to the town where he grew up.

Before heading out, Tyson takes Perry aside and shows him a copy of the National Enquirer with the story of his girlfriend Amanda cavorting around with Adnan Ghalib, Britney Spears’ ex at Perry’s own home. The funny thing is, Amanda kind of sounds like a fame whore, and if Perry does end up winning Make Me A Supermodel, she’ll probably come crawling back to him. Perry puts on his game face and vows not to let her get to him.

The brave band of model hopefuls hops a plane and lands in the Big Easy. They arrive at a very swank hotel in the French Quarter. Everyone settles in for the night. Hands above the covers, Perry!

The next morning, they meet Niki and this week’s photographer at a cemetery, where they will be dressing up in Gothic costumes with awesome goth makeup and top hats and such. Niki brings out a crow named Dennis who will accompany each of them in their photos.

Holly, Ben and Perry go first. Holly portrays a recently widowed woman, relying on her two brothers to support her. After a few frames, the photographer adds Dennis into the picture, who promptly takes a crap on Ben’s shoulder.

Next, Shannon and Ronnie do a scene together. Normally, these two are very strong in photos, but today they both seem to be struggling.

For the next photo, Perry, Shannon and Holly pose together. All throughout this shoot, Ronnie and Ben provide running commentary like the two old guys on The Muppets, mostly about Shannon’s lifelessness.

After their grueling day, everyone goes out for a night on the town on Bourbon Street. Unfortunately for Perry, the first course of their dinner is turtle soup. He refuses to eat it because he owns a pet turtle. Eating turtle doesn’t faze Holly because she kills and eats squirrels at her house. What?

The next day, the models meet Niki at a Habitat for Humanity site to help build a new home for a woman named Cherie who lost her house in Hurricane Katrina. The cynic in me likes to think that supermodels and celebrities are glad that Katrina happened because now there are photogenic opportunities for them to help the little people out for a day.

For the Make Me A Supermodel runway assignment this week, they each must choreographed their own dark and dramatic show. Shannon immediately takes charge and casts herself as a high priestess. Ben doesn’t appreciate Shannon’s arrogance. Their runway adviser thinks that their idea is too campy.

The show starts and I am having a hard time describing it. They are dressed up in very goth-like looks. Each of them takes turn leading the walks. There’s also some work with a fake skull. Holly is noticeably the most animated.

After the show, Cory criticizes Perry for overacting, but Tyler praises Ben for performing better this week. Holly gets praise for both her photo and her runway walk, but her bad posture uniformly irks all the judges. Shannon gets a dressing down for being lifeless in the photoshoot this week. The judges ask Ronnie for his opinion of Shannon, and he says that he had a hard time working with her. Shannon gets uppity and defensive, even insinuating that Ronnie is a kiss-ass to the judges.

After spending some time deliberating, the judges bring the models back out. Holly and Ben are in the top two, and once again, Holly is the winner. There are three models remaining, but only two will be put up for the vote. These two are Shannon and Ronnie, which means that Perry is safe.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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