Tonight on Big Brother 9, the houseguests compete for the first individual Power of Veto. However, with the live feeds and all the places to find out what actually happened, I really don’t understand the purpose of watching the Sunday and Tuesday episodes of Big Brother. Besides, every episode starts with about five minutes of “previously on…” clips, which tell you everything you need to know.

Speaking of which, what show’s “previously on…” packages do you find more annoying, the extensive ones on Big Brother, or the obscenely long recap of all the performances on the American Idol results shows?

So Ryan nominated Sharon and Chelsia at James’ behest, for some reason that eludes me since James and Chelsia seemed to be tight.  These ladies better watch out, or the He-Man Woman Haters Club will destroy them all.  This is a good strategy, as women in the Big Brother house are notoriously catty and vengeful.

Finally, we go from blue screen to full color on Day 29.  Sharon’s gonna fight, and Chelsia is just pouting.  The ladies finally clue in and team up, embracing Joshuah because he’s gay.  Being gay is somehow an advantage in gender politics, because he can be accepted by either side.  Indeed, Joshuah and Ryan are total BFF secret alliance mates.  Joshuah is mega jealous over Ryan and Matt’s relationship.

James pinkie swears that Chelsia will stick around.  He’s gonna get caught int this lie, they always do.

If Natalie wins the money, she’ll invest it, which Matt calls boring.  She’s upset and threatens to evict him next week.  He knows all he has to do is make out with her and she’ll keep him.  Haha, so sad, and so true.

Josh sees this, and tries to strike a deal with the women to evict Matt this week putting him up and in return, the women would promise Ryan a two-week safety period.  I’m not a misogynist, but damn, this show paints women to be foolish, easily manipulated creatures.

Proving how pathetic she is, Natalie runs to her crush Matt and tells him all about it.  Holy crap, Natalie is so freaking dumb.  Matt tells Ryan, and they agree to continue stringing Natalie along as their unwitting mole.

Josh goes to Ryan and tries to make the deal about backdooring Matt.  Ryan doubts he could trust everyone’s word for two weeks.  The answer is no.  Ryan tells Josh he already knew about the plan and outs Natalie.  Why would Ryan be so dumb to reveal their mole?

Like a bad game of telephone, Josh tells the women that Natalie told Matt everything, and that Matt told Ryan.

Ryan, playing the game on a level I don’t quite realize yet, doesn’t tell Matt the truth about his conversation with Josh.

They pick participants for the first ever solo PoV competition.  I believe Ryan just called them “nomalies,” like the monsters in the second season of Dark Angel.  Ryan gets HG Choice and goes for Adam.  Sheila and Joshuah are the other two.

James, Josh and the women all meet up in HoH and promise Ryan two free weeks to backdoor Matt.  He’s considering it.

PoV Competition!  It’s a billiards game and they must hit giant balls close to the veto symbol.  The furthest away loses and picks a prize.  The next loser can steal the prize or pick a new one, so the last person automatically gets the veto.

Sheila loses round one.  She wins the PoV.  Good luck keeping it.

Sharon is out second.  She wins a motorcycle.  Chelsia is jealous.  Sharon trades it for the veto, which is dumb, because it’s not like she’s gonna keep it.  I guess she hates motorcycles.

Joshuah is out third and gets a letter from home and keeps it.

Adam goes out fourth and wins $10,000.  He trades it for a motorcycle, simply because he wants Sheila to have the money because she’s a single mom.  Holy crap, he’s a huge softie!

Ryan wins.  Chelsia wins a Slop Pass.  She trades it for the PoV.

Ryan then gets his prize, and it’s the red unitard from last season, and the winner must wear it for a week a la Jen from Big Brother 8.

He gives it to Sheila and steals her money.  Wow, he is a total d-bag.

Sheila cries because Ryan is a loser.  Much as I detest his move, I’d have done the same thing.

James and Chelsia celebrate her winning the PoV.  Sharon and Joshuah join them, and she’s freaking out over whether Ryan will still backdoor Matt.  Ryan comes in and promises the plan is a go.

45-year-old Sheila throws on the red unitard.  She plays it off like she’s still a super sexpot, which is the best possible reaction.  Adam compliments her body.  All the women gush over how great a person Adam is for giving her the money.

Chelsia tells Sheila not to play the single mom card, which sets Sheila off.  This leads Sheila to align with Adam because she sees the Josh/Sharn, James/Chelsia foursome alliance is too strong.  Wow, now I’m loving Sheila for putting this together.

Sheila tells Ryan to trust Matt and Adam.  She’s trying hard to become the mastermind behind the three-man super alliance.

FYI: You can still vote to get someone back in the house until midnight tonight at

PoV Meeting!  Joshuah is excited in the gayest way possible.  Pride goeth before…something.  Chelsia, duh, takes herself off the block after going through the lame formality of asking Sharon to say something.

In her place, Ryan puts up…James!!!  Te alliance of pairs is in ruins.  Matt, always ungracious, rubs it in everyone’s faces.  Ha, Sheila was right to get behind him, because he’s essentially painting a giant target on himself.  What an idiot.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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