Big Brother 9 has, by and large, been a frustrating season.  The coupling experiment was an ambitious attempt at innovation, but I think I speak for all Big Brother fans when I say that it didn’t particularly work.  The game play was completely bogged down.  It was extremely difficult to get a beat on what was going down in the house.  Even the house guests, it seemed, didn’t know what to do with themselves – they were playing an entirely different game than they’d seen on TV.  Now that the game is back to an individual one, things are more promising, thought the last two weeks have culminated in the most anti-climactic of live evictions.  Tonight’s (or last night’s if you’re on the east coast) Big Brother eviction episode was the most egregiously anti-climactic episode (probably) in the show’s history. 

Anyways, we have the results of tonight’s Head of Household competition below.  If you watched the episode, then you know that the competition did not finish prior to the end of the alloted hour. 


The Head of Household competition tonight involved chains, a carousel-type contraption and disco balls.  It was an endurance competition, which means that whoever could stay on the elevated chained disco balls the longest became the new Head of Household.  Here’s how it went down. Ryan, as outgoing Head of Household, did not compete.

Adam and Joshuah were the first ones off.

Matt was next off, followed by Sheila and then Sharon. 

Chelsia, who apparently wanted it bad, fell off next.

Then, it was down to Natalie and James.  Eventually, after about three hours from the start of the competition, Natalie made a deal with James for her safety.  She then dropped off and promptly vomited, which means…

James is the new Head of Household.  Funny how that works out.  The person who voted off earlier tonight, actually is given a free pass back into the Big Brother house and immediately becomes the new Head of Household.  Should be an interesting week.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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