Even though tonight’s episode of Big Brother 9 was action-packed, nothing really happened.  Much ado about nothing.  Not that this was all CBS’s fault.  Some of the blame goes to the house guests.  There was a live eviction, the return of an evicted house guest, and then the beginning of a marathon Head of Household competition.  Julie Chen proved once again that she probably shouldn’t be doing live television, and we saw how wide open this Big Brother game is right now.  The house is in chaos. 

The Quagmire

Once Ryan put James on the block in place of Chelsia, the crap hit the fan.  Matt immediately taunts Joshuah about his failed plan to get Matt up on the block.  Chaos ensues in the house.  Chelsia is pissed at Ryan for nominating James.  Ryan defends himself pretty well.  Ryan talks to Josh – they remain on good terms.  Sharon, upset with Matt’s bravado, tells Sheila about how he was trying to play her and about how they made out.  Sheila tells Natalie about this, and this sets Natalie off.  She confronts Matt – but Natalie loves him so much, and is so delusional about his thoughts about her, that she eventually relents. 

An Evicted House Guest Returns

Julie runs down what’s going to happen: we know that America had been voting all week on which evicted house guest to bring back into the house.  But, that doesn’t mean that any of them would actually return to the house.  She tells the six evicted house guests that, after the house eliminates someone tonight, the house guests will then have to make a surprise vote – they can choose between bringing back a mystery evicted house guest (whichever one of the six was voted first by America) or whoever they had just voted out of the house.  Julie tells the house guests the results of their first vote – James has been evicted from the house.  We then learn that Alex is the one who America picked to (maybe) send back into the house. 

Then the alarm goes off.  Julie tells the house guests what she had just told the six previously evicted players.  In the surprise, impromptu vote, the house guests vote by a margin of 5-3 to bring James back over the mystery house guest.  He returns to the house amid much celebration, especially from Chelsia. 

An Uncertain HoH

After all the craziness, the same nine people that started the night inside the house, head to the backyard for the HoH competition.  The competition is simple – each house guest takes a hold of a suspended chain that has a disco ball attached to the bottom.  They are told to grab a hold of the chain and hold on for dear life as they are lifted up in the air.  They are then swung around like on a carousel.  If their feet touch their disco ball or they fall off, they’re out.  Last one on is the new HoH.  The competition does not end before the episode ends.  We’ll be back with updates later tonight on who ends up winning.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senor Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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