LOST fans will be seeing a lot of familiar faces from days gone by with next weeks LOST, Expose’. The episode rewinds the clock to the fateful day that saw Oceanic flight 815 pulled apart by mysterious forces and brought down on even more mysterious island. Fans will be reliving the fateful crash from the perspective of an entirely new group of characters, but this trip down memory lane won’t come without a startling price. Beware of minor spoilers ahead. 

Among the characters making a return are season one favorite Boone (played by Ian Somerhalder), season one and two’s Shannon (played by Maggie Grace), and season one’s short lived Doctor Arzt (Played by Daniel Roebuck) who made his explosive exit by mishandling some dynamite in the season one finale. Since the story primarily belongs to establishing the much loathed newcomers Paulo and Nikki’s place in the LOST universe, it is hard to say just how much we’ll see of these classic characters.

In an attempt to find out, thetailsection.com interviewed Daniel Roebuck who plays the explosive Dr. Arzt. When asked if he knew how much screen time he and the other classic characters would get, Roebuck was whimsically vague. “Absolutely. I can tell you that I don’t remember. It’s weird, right before you get on the airplane they hold up this pen and a big red light comes out of it, like “Men in Black”. I remember seeing people, I hung out with Jorge and Terry for a while, but I don’t remember a lot.”

In terms of spoilers, for those who just have to know, the episode is favored to pack at least one major character death, Paulo. Despite his success in films such as ‘300’, Rodrigo Santoro has failed to connect with LOST fans who bristled at the sudden inclusion of new ‘regulars’. According to the internet rumor mill, Santoro’s Paulo will die from a gunshot wound to the head.

-Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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