In assessing Sanjaya’s odds of hanging in for another week on American Idol we decided to consult the experts: the bookies of the internet gambling world. So far, they have not failed to at least entertain us with their American Idol predictions, which is more than Sanjaya can say. If what they say is true this week, Sanjaya fans (all six of them) can look forward to Sanjaya hanging in for at least three more weeks of American Idol competition. Why? Read on to find out. 

The ‘Sanjaya situation’ has become a multi-faceted conundrum as of late. How can the worst, arguably (if your tone deaf), singer on American Idol be hanging in for so long? People have made assertions as wild as an Indian conspiracy, to that old standby of American Idol foiler ‘Vote for the Worst’. Now, however, we have another angle to the Sanjaya mystery: Howard Stern. If each of these conspiracy theories were true, even to a minor degree – which is entirely likely – the combination might be enough to keep Sanjaya crooning for another week, or possibly even more.

What are the chances that Howard Stern’s new campaign to help Sanjaya win the contest will have any impact at all? Despite cruising through last week, let’s remember that Sanjaya was in the bottom three. So he was far from the winners circle. In order for any of the conspiracy theories to carry any weight, we’d need to see Sanjaya out of the bottom three this week. Being in the bottom three this early in the game means you are on your way out. If the foilers that would like to see the American Idol contest be made a mockery of itself are having any impact, we’ll know tomorrow night.

Looking at all of these factors, what do the bookies say? If your looking for Sanjaya to get booted, you might as well be prepared to pay out! Sanjaya actually has negative odds of being voted off, which means if you bet a dollar on Sanjaya and he got voted off, you’d have to pay the bookie. Where the logic is, I have no idea, but that is what odds makers are saying. Less than even money says that Sanjaya is with us for another week. Remember, I’m only the messenger.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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