Is it because of call centres in India? DialIdol? Or is it all a big con by the show’s producers to create more buzz? Speculation runs rampant about just exactly how Sanjaya Malakar has managed to stay in the running so far on American Idol, as he’s clearly lacking in the talent displayed by even the worst of the other contestants.

Now it turns out radio shock jock Howard Stern has been encouraging all of his Sirius satellite radio listeners on The Howard Stern show to vote for the worst contenders in this season’s American Idol, with Sanjaya Malakar first on the list. The self-proclaimed “King of All Media” Stern says Sanjaya is his “favorite contestant,” and would like it if he won, precisely because Sanjaya is annoying and has no ability to sing.

How long do you think Sanjaya will last? Betting websites like are listing him as the favourite to be voted off this week’s American Idol, with bets on Sanjaya paying $155 for every $100. And Sanjaya himself is apparently not coping all that well with his “success” so far, as all this press and internet speculations is no secret from the Idol contestants themselves. While the seventeen-year-old is usually seen with a cheery smile on in public, TMZ reports that someone “close” to Sanjaya’s family says that Sanjaya is devastated by the press’s reactions, not to mention the boos of the audience and the vocal displeasure of the judges.  

“He’s so young and so sensitive, it’s hard for him to go out on that stage and not have that devastation affect his performance.”

Well, would he rather be voted off? He probably doesn’t have to worry about having his feelings hurt by staying on for the wrong reasons for much longer. Even with Howard Stern’s “support” he can’t possibly last another week…can he?

-Mel, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: TMZ
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