After her highly publicized DUI incident in Kailua, Hawaii in December of 2005, Cynthia Watros, a former cast member on Lost, re-emerges on the television circuit with her inclusion on a new comedy series on CBS.

Although Watros’ role on Lost as Libby was short-lived, having been killed off in the Season 2, she regains her existence on television with the comedy entitled The Rich Inner Life of Penelope Cloud where she plays the best friend of a writer, played by Marisa Tomei.

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JoshHollowayFan said: yes, yes. the writers have already said that she will be back & that her story isnt finished yet..

lostfanboy16 said: I have a feeling that she will be on Lost again sooner or later.

Watros’ character, Libby, was introduced in the second season of Lost as one of the survivors of tail section of Oceanic Flight 815. Libby, a clinical psychologist, was romantically involved with Hurley before she was shot and killed by Michael after she witnessed him killing Ana Lucia, played by Michelle Rodriguez. On December 1st of 2005, both Rodriguez and Wartros were arrested for drunk driving in Kailua, where Lost is filmed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, stars from other television shows like 24, The O.C. and The Wire will also join the latest string of upcoming CBS series. Aside from The Rich Inner Life of Penelope Cloud, CBS is also stirring up a drama called Twilight, which will showcase Rade Serbedzija, an ancient vampire turned investigator in the form of Alex O’Laughlin. In addition, The O.C. stars, Brandon Quinn and Nick Gonzalez is bound to appear in Fox’s untitled comedy by Liz Meriwether, which focuses on three sorority girls who embarks on a journey of self transformation after graduating college. Finally, Domenick Lombardozzi, actor known for his work on Entourage and Miami Vice, is scheduled to play a member of LL Cool J’s police team in the show The Man.

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