You’ve got to hand it to the LOST spoiler community, this week has been a boon for fans who just refuse to be surprised by anything from the ABC mega hit!  Not so much of a spoiler is the fact that The Others have a submarine named Galaga, it is how a lot of them got there and it is how our heroes could potentially escape LOST‘s mysterious island.  With just a day to spare before LOST‘s ‘Man from Tallahassee’ is set to expose the submarine, internet spies have beat the show to the punch with clear daylight pictures, photos of the interior, and even film shot from the bushes of an actual LOST shoot!

Let’s start off with the images.  Ever since the sub was mentioned earlier this season, fans have been dying to have a look at “The Galaga”.   If LOST has become known for anything over the last few seasons, it is its flair for the retro creepy.  Part of the appeal of Dharma is its aged, used technology look.  So surely “The Galaga” will not disappoint, right?  Judge for yourself!  This picture were taken by a poster at

So the sub itself is pretty basic looking, not at all Dharma-esque.  Not even a Dharma logo from what we can see.  Is it possible the sub doesn’t even belong to Dharma?  Could be!  Now for the interior.

Okay so still nothing too spectacular, but you’ve seen it!  This is the inside of the Galaga sub  Of course, the big secret in this episode of LOST is the reveal of how John Locke lost the use of his legs, and that is something you will have to wait for the episode to find out.  But don’t worry, there is more sub goodness ahead.  We still have, THE VIDEO.

Thanks to DarkUFO and his super secret source, we have some commando style footage of some scenes being shot outside of the sub to give us a little sense of dimension.  The model of the sub is actually pretty big!

Uploaded by DarkUFO

And that is what we have so far of the infamous LOST submarine, Galaga. If you follow spoilers much you probably know that you won’t be seeing much more of it!  Seems Locke’s interest in the sub is destroying it.  He sorta doesn’t want anybody getting off the island, but for what reason?

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